No cocooning

I’m tempted to curl up,
cuddle warmth, and wait
for world to metamorph,
to butterfly itself to tolerance;
but I realize that taking stance
works better than cocooning,
that chance won’t bring the change.
That after rest comes rolling
up my sleeves and work.


Today it’s time for a Quadrille when dVerse open up again after the Holiday break. I will be hosting with the word curl.

January 2, 2017

33 responses to “No cocooning

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  2. Yes – we must strive to soldier on. Though we live in heart-rending times, we go forward in the knowledge that others – before us – have succeeded in turning the tide on dark days.

  3. Love the word and have always loved this image! Yep — let’s curl up our arms, flex our writing muscles, and begin the dVerse year anew! 🙂

  4. What a great prompt, Björn, and I can’t wait to see what everyone else makes of it – you’re a hard act to follow! I too am tempted to curl up and cuddle warmth – well put – and I like the way you’ve used butterfly as a verb. Yes, I know I have to roll up my sleeves and get on with it, but the cocooning sounds lovely.

  5. Oh, I do like the idea of cocooning, or hibernating (for about four years!). But you’re right, this is not the time for it. Happy New Year, Bjorn.

  6. Love that last line break, after “rolling.” Makes me think of a magician (or Pres) with something “up his sleeves.”

  7. Yes, there is a time for hibernation and then we move forward. There is a lot to be said for curling up, slowing down on cold (literal or metaphorical) winter days 🙂

  8. timely point here: if everyone just sits and waits for change to take place, the only change will be towards chaos. It is only through *being* the change that we can ever hope for positive results.

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