Cemetery secrets

Just a few weeks ago, before October came to an end, we decided to visit Skogskyrkogården. Built in the first part of the twentieth century, this graveyard south of Stockholm is now a world heritage, and we have never been there. Today when snow covers the ground I look at the photographs and remember how we walked around on paths where pine trees stood as sentinels around the graves. I recall how much I loved the sense that nature seemed to dominate, and how much alive a place of death can be.

The chapels were closed for the season, but their modernist design seemed apt for a place to meditate. A cathedral in its gilded splendor can so easily detach you from your memories, but in company of a chapel’s clean white walls shadowed by evergreen trees you can face your past. Beside a plaque, candle lit, you can meet your thoughts.

‘fore all hallows eve
gold coins cover gravel paths —
poplars shedding tears



Today Toni let us write a haibun at dVerse on any subject as long as the subject is non-fiction and the haiku is about nature, using all the rules of haiku if we can (kigo, cutting words etc).

If you come to Stockholm I recommend a visit to Skogskyrkogården.

November 28, 2016

32 responses to “Cemetery secrets

  1. Interesting read. I have always loved visiting cemeteries. There is an energy that is not felt elsewhere. meditative and soothing. Sounds contrary to grief, pain and loosing loved ones, but the peace felt is stronger that the rest. Your haiku is exquisite.

  2. Sounds like a beautifully quiet and peaceful place! My husband and I like to visit cemeteries as well. I’d wish to be buried near a tree…

  3. Oh how that haiku tears at the heart. I have been thinking of death a lot and of cremation. But one could be content to lie in this peaceful cemetery.

  4. I enjoyed the layers of this…how the environment had the influence to detach one from their memories, face the past and meeting with their own thoughts.

  5. I always bring my visitors here, it’s so peaceful. In fact I saw it in another wonderful light yesterday on Allhelgonadagen.

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