Spicing the stew

Preparations start with choice of lamb;
a shank not shy of lard,
proud with bones and marrow

Then start before your breakfast,
cause to stew it tender
it needs to cook from dawn to dusk

You need spices, maybe cloves
and cumin, cardamom and turmeric,
a pinch of salt, a dash of wine.

Use patience and when it’s
time for dinner, remember stew is best
if spiced with company and candlelight.


Kim inspires us to write food poetry inspired by Moniza Alvi at toads. I have started to a lot of slow cooking with our crock-pot, so this was fun to write. I will also link this to poetry pantry tomorrow morning.

November 26, 2016

36 responses to “Spicing the stew

  1. Is that photo of your crock pot, Björn? I wish I I had one like that! But being a veggie/sometime pecastarian, I wouldn’t be cooking lamb. However, I do like the use of alliteration in ‘a shank not shy of lard’ and the delicious spices in the third stanza. And yes, ‘stew is best / if spiced with company and candlelight’!

  2. Nice homey poem. I prefer beef or chicken to lamb though. Smelling this cooking all day would mos def make you hungry for it in combo with candles and company and a goid glass of wine.

  3. I do agree that any meal is best if spiced with company and candlelight!! But, honestly, Bjorn I really love the spicing of this lamb. Nothing more tasty than turmeric, cumin, cardamom, and cloves!! It looks delicious!

  4. I haven’t had meat in a while… So this piece has started a chain of food-paroxysms that might send me to the kitchen. Love what it says about the patience one needs when cooking/crafting/dealing with something one wants to be good. And they imagery… delicious!

  5. remember stew is best
    if spiced with company and candlelight

    A logical revelation. Good company and candle light dinner will linger on in memory!


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