Fear of silence

Between each breath
there is still-
            ness as from death;
a gentle kiss
            of feathers falling.
As a partridge might pretend
it’s wounded to protect
            its chicks,
I listen to the reaper calling
in each breath-
            less silence
for a hint of death
in heartbeats stalling.



Today Mish challenge us to write Quadrille, 44 words containing the word breath (or breathe) at dVerse.

Come join us.

November 21, 2016

39 responses to “Fear of silence

  1. This is truly one of your best. I so enjoyed reading this several times. The partridge pretending to be wounded,the stalling heartbeats. It all rings so very true to me now, at this point in my life.

  2. You quadrille has a rhythm to it just like breathing, Björn, and I tried reading it aloud – I was breathing with the same rhythm as I read it!
    The gentle rhyme supports the pace and I love the reference to the partridge – its not often written about except in Christmas songs!

  3. There is such a delicacy in the choice of words and construction of this piece that feels almost ghostly. It’s ethereal qualities don’t detract from its strength at all.

  4. Oooh this chills and goes well with the one I posted. I mention the silence between the in and out breath of a baby’s wail and how that silence exacts a toll. Yes.

  5. Stalling… it is a perfect, too perfect way to describe the sentiment. I also really liked the image of the feathers. When imagined, everything feels so light, so dispellable. In reality, not so.

  6. This is a truly lovely little piece – especially when read aloud. I don’t know: the words … the word breaks – some magical je ne sais quoi, but it just seems to float off the page. Up there with some of your best writing, Björn.

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