Fat cats

Fat cats, do you really care
for anything but you? How people die? And you —
have you ever seen how bare
a wall of gold can be, how blue
the sea once was, before you turned it grey?
Have you listened to our dreams at night?
Have you ever seen dismay?
You, fat cat did you ever get it right?
Cause if you never comprehend that answers
lack importance, if you never pose a question.
Fat cats, have you ever listened to a session
of anything but echoes of yourself?

Cat eating a bird by Pablo Picasso

Cat eating a bird by Pablo Picasso

Linking up to toads where Marion introduce us to the musical world of Run the Jewels.

November 18, 2016

15 responses to “Fat cats

  1. Questions that need to be asked and you have crafted them beautifully into this poem. I found ‘how blue the sea once was, before you turned it grey’ particularly poignant.

  2. Wow! This is amazing, Bjorn. Excellent questions, and commentary that is right on point. So well done.

  3. Nice, Bjorn! ~~ I was thinking last night, we haven’t had a leader who wasn’t a fat cat since Eisenhower. Maybe Jimmy Carter. Bernie Sanders sure wasn’t although the lobiests have set him up I’m sure so that he isn’t real poor anymore. Our (second) lady Texas governor calls it “being born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” He IS from Vermont. 🙂

  4. I’mma keep it real, cuz that’s how I do: I think power and growl are sexy. Show me the meanest, most abrasive and self-absorbed guy in the room, and that’s whom I’ll gravitate to, almost every time. I like the psycho-silent manipulative type as well. Guess that’s why I’m Team Trump (and Jacob). It’s a sickness, I suppose.

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