Curse upon your night

Damn you Philistines,
woe you harlots of Gomorrah,
you kings and queens of sharp sodomic salt.

I wish upon you flocks of rabid locusts
nesting in your hair.
I send upon you itch from ants and gnats
from bulbs and bristles on your back.
I send you ash and sackcloth, snot
of apes and turd of swine.

May your pomegranates corrode.
May your semen and your ovaries turn cold.
May you compete as concubines for idiocracy.
May your voices be as rotting figs of winter.
I put upon your genitals my bane to cripple, burn
and ember into ash.


I found the Biblical curse generator, and I thought that sometimes it just feels good to utter some damnation on everything (and everyone) you think is bad. I link up this one to dVerse Open Link Night which opens at 9 PM CET.

November 11 – 2017

43 responses to “Curse upon your night

  1. Ha ha ha. This is hilarious. 🙂 Really solid poem, but still, I can’t help but laugh.

    This has got to be my favorite: “kings and queens of sharp sodomic salt” … But these are mighty tight as well:
    “I wish upon you flocks of rabid locusts
    nesting in your hair.”
    Well, I was going to quote from the last stanza, but really the whole thing is crazy good.

      • Well you’ve made me want to be a very good girl so that none of this befalls me. So I must have needed to hear it. 😉

        Honestly, I love that you’re unpredictable. I never know what I’m going to get when I come over over to your “house” for a visit.

  2. Oh how wonderful it is to fling curses into the wind and hope they stick to certain folk. I visited your FB and rattled off my own curse…some good ones there as well. What brought this on?

  3. I join you in flinging curses too, smiles~ Hey, maybe we should do this to let off our anger and steam..ha…ha…

    I really want to do the same but unfortunately my family and I are in opposing sides so I decided to limit my time in FB.

    Have a good day!

  4. Cleverly done although it makes me glad that Biblical is largely in the past. Having said that, I believe the Bible and all spiritual tomes are meant to be read metaphorically and not literally. Symbol is the language of the Spirit and the Soul.

  5. Really, there’s a Biblical curse generator?! Why am I surprised at that? I can see how cursing and damning it all can be cathartic. I love this…hope you feel better now!

  6. Brilliant write. I wish I could vent off like that in real life…:o]
    Love whippetwisdom’s comment too.

    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  7. “Take heed, O thou love-crazed Gittite, for you will be thrown into a den of hyperactive lions!”

    Somehow mine lacks the power of your curses. The generator must be broken.

  8. This I loved. I want to memorize this and say this the next time someone really makes me mad. Ha! Can you only imagine. It would be worth video taping their reaction. 🙂

  9. reminds me a bit of the Irish “blessing” I once read…it was a heap of curses upon a cup and it’s contents…and finally “a curse on the one who only filled you half-way”.

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  11. ROTF! I feel better now. LOL! Snot of Apes???? Really….and you eat with that mouth??? LOL! I’m all for a good cursing….perhaps we could have that as a regular on dverse??? Still laughing and it’s not even 8am. Cats are scattering….

  12. “harlots of Gomorrah” … Today, I’m picturing a harlot of “gum aura.” 🙂 Come to think of it, I’d love to have a bubblegum-pink aura. Oh, I hope I do!

    • Oops … A cursing poem. (Perhaps I should give the form a go. It’s been awhile since I shocked ma famille … just when they thought I had – finally – settled into being a sweet-little-old-lady. lol)

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