Night is for the beasts

turned to

fell with

graves are

toll of

crave for


to be

night is
for the

The madness of fear by Francisco Goya

The madness of fear by Francisco Goya

Linking up to Mindlovemisery the Baker street by Paloma challenge using b one syllable words in each last line… Not a lot of syllables to make sense, hope I did.

October 29, 2016

7 responses to “Night is for the beasts

  1. This is certainly an absorbing list of chilling things to cross one’s mind – each stanza has the potential to end very, very badly. The thing that I found was so interesting about it, is that the narrative is rather childlike – small statements that are delivered in a manner similar to the way in which a very young child perceives and comments on the world they are learning about (as in: fire is hot, knives are bad). The eerie content juxtaposed against the naivety of the form, hypes up the “sinister” factor.

  2. Very creative, I love this one:
    crave for
    brains” whooooo scary…..running away. hehe

  3. Indeed!
    I think of the horror shows I used to watch and think…No don’t go into the night! But of course ‘they’ never do listen…
    And now I’ve stopped watching horror…

  4. Wow … this is very eerie … and very well-written, Bjorn 🙂
    Even though I created the form I find it difficult to do well … and you did indeed do it well. Bravo!

    So wonderful to see you took the challenge!

    Sorry it took me so long to respond … moving .. and it’s been crazy-busy here.

    All the best to you
    Paloma / Mis Lucja

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