Dance me open

Dance me open
twist your bubble ’round
our shimmered grins,
spill me spells.

Breeze me roses,
green perfume of
leaves untouched.

Bring with lull
of ocean journeys
undulations melted,
skip of hearts.

But when we’re old
let’s open jars, sustain
ourselves on
bottled memories.

Bottles And Knife by Juan Gris

Bottles And Knife by Juan Gris

A second Quadrille for Victoria at dVerse.

September 13, 2016

17 responses to “Dance me open

  1. The memory of scents are so powerful. Your poem, in each stanza, reveals the progression of bottles opened and then the end, to travel back to the beginning by opening jars. Very moving.

  2. I really love that title—the idea that a person is closed-off until being led to dance.

    These are my favorites:
    “spill me spells”
    “Breeze me roses”

    I like this poem very much.

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