Earth’s an island

We came to see the view,
horizon, mountains, sea; but
found around us veiled,
this opened ribcage, peaks
earth’s an island: we
its heartbeat — left alone.

We came to see
the view, but found ourselves.

Copyright - Björn Rudberg

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Today we are inspired by Kerry to write a poem of not more than 10 lines inspired by the “This is not what we came to see.” at toads. I will also link this to the Pantry at PU tomorrow. The picture is from Northern Norway and a peak on the island of Senja we passed. The view was spectacular but not what we expected.

August 20, 2016

39 responses to “Earth’s an island

  1. This makes me think of the idea that we are the eyes and the ears of the earth for we are made of it. Very beautiful! Love your last line:
    We came to see
    the view, but found ourselves.
    The physicist from the dark side is an excellent poet 🙂

  2. I love it when the thing you came to see, surprises you. That happens more in nature, I think, than in man-made structures. This is evocative and visceral … an unusual “take” on a view. It is unexpected and thus, I think these ten lines are rather remarkable. An awesome little write!

  3. If only more of us could view the world with awe and admiration and not and just an opportunity to use and abuse it. I am still waiting for that day.

  4. What a wonderful thing to find – made me think that perhaps that’s all we can do in some senses as whatever we see passes through the filter of our thoughts.. a shining horizon and breadth of thought

  5. I can’t say it better than Hedgewitch. Nature certainly can surprise us, dispel our assumptions. This is lovely and it certainly haunts.

  6. I see this as being about going to watch a stripper dance, literally or metaphorically. He thinks he’s just getting a view of her body (her eyes, “mountains,” “sea,”butt … excellent line break, by the way), but come to find out, her heart is exposed and mangled. He’s not allowed to touch/have either, but in seeing her fully, his eyes are opened about his world and about himself.

  7. Wow, I like how you build the lines in this poem, I feel some kind of disappointment in what you found, but the words ‘we found ourselves’ make me exhale in peace… great small poem with huge meaning.

  8. Another “Wow” poem from you …”open ribcage” and that final line – worthy of the finest poet and the most profound philosopher. Bravo!

  9. We visited Iceland and saw (on the literal side) the chasm where the continental plates are pulling apart. I didn’t have that to worry about before I heard of and saw that. Big!!! Deep!!! More than any crack in a glacier I’ve ever seen.

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