Investment partner

I need an investment partner,
a gardener of bucks, deceptive
man of shadows, fraud.
I need your greed, your willingness
to cheat, accepting open bodies,
guts on desert sand.

I need an investment partner,
and in you I see my forger,
a man who trade ideals for
Panama accounts.

I need an investment partner,
I need your bank account,
to wash the blood from bills,
and still, you should believe
there is honor among thieves.

Washington Money by Robert Silvers

Washington Money by Robert Silvers

Izy want’s us to take a message from our smartphone and use in a poem at toads. My inbox is all work and no play. My mail inbox was equally boring until I found my spam filter, and boy there was a goldmine. Thank you Miss Qaddafi for the inspiration.

16 responses to “Investment partner

  1. Spam it is ~ as I read your poem I couldn’t help thinking about the messy political goings-on and how money is running the whole show!

  2. This one has some chops, Bjorn. It reminds me almost of a Talking Heads song in the way it questions and pokes, like it’s laughing at an inside joke with me. Well done and viva la!

  3. A spectacular ode to the present day travelling salesman, going email account to email account instead of door to door attempting to peddle their promises and lies.

  4. I very socially relevant piece, I thought. More and more, it seems to me, that people of conscience are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the business of making money.

  5. The con of spam is that it sells everything we sure wish were true. Would that there were investment partners as this. You named them well.

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