Silencing the Steinway

Silence is pregnant with anticipation. Audience is waiting, bowstring tense, we are sold out tonight. The spotlight’s playing on the velvet curtain.

Waiting, I’m prepared, my denture polished to ivory perfection, my heart attuned to strings and hammers.

I’m at the tipping point of fame.

Curtain raises to thundering applause, smartphones ready. I’m ready for YouTube.

Sitting down, the despicable clown stretches his fingers; knuckles snapped he touch my teeth.

It only takes one swallow and there’s nothing between me and my audience, the spotlight’s just for me.


I have made it to fame with the braggart Steinway silenced.

Copyright -John Nixon

Copyright -John Nixon

A rerun that I wrote for from my friend John Nixon some time ago. Originally I wrote this, and I decided to rewrite it a little, partly based on feedback, and partly because I wanted to make it a little bit clearer that it’s told from the piano POV.

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June 15, 2016

61 responses to “Silencing the Steinway

  1. Well, I must say you did a terrific job on the re-write and have a terrific story all around, Bjorn. One of the great things about blogs is the rerunning or even repurposing of content.
    Five out of five “circle of fifths.”

  2. Your usual high quality stuff, Bjorn.
    But I am having a bad day, I don’t get the last line.
    Is Steinway’s an abbreviation for Steinway has?

  3. Always wary of doing a POV of something not human…tricky to not rnd up sounding human. Think you might be in trouble with the “taking the picture too literally” crowd…lol.

  4. ha ha. I was a little lost at first until I re-read it and saw it was the Piano’s POV. Then it became hilarious. I liked the line “my heart attuned to strings and hammers” It could work for humans as well.

  5. “Silence is pregnant with anticipation.” Funny line. I can picture this story as an animated short. 🙂

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