Kayla watched the waves rolling in, each one was another blow, she braced herself, not yet ready to face Nick.

He had been drinking.
“Your dress shows cleavage”, predicted fuse ignited.
“Bitch”, words enforced by fists.

Kayla opened the butcher’s package and fed intestines to the waves. Familiar triangular fins appeared knifing the waves. She was ready.

She undressed, watching the frenzied razor-jaws working.

The task to butcher a body is messy but rewarding. Whistling she saved his head for last, kissing it gently.

“Goodbye Nick”. tossing it into the bubbling cauldron of hunger. “It was either you or me”.

© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I felt it was a while since I was grizzly and murderous. So therefore I give you something sickening.

Friday Fictioneers is a blogging community dedicated to flash fiction. 100 words on the same image. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields show us the way and also gives us the picture that for us to write on. Try it yourself.

May 25, 2016

103 responses to “Frenzy

  1. Dear Björn,

    Grisly is the word I’d use. Grizzly is a bear. 😉 Aside from that…yikes. Although it does sound like Nick got what he deserved. Always good to have a hungry shark in your corner to consume the evidence. Well done.



  2. You are so awesome. I can’t tell you how hungry I was to eat the body of this poem.

    That turn, at feeding intestines to the waves … wow. That really revved me up, if you know what I mean.

  3. Hi Björn. We had similar thoughts again this week! Although yours were more grisly! I think your character did what mine wished she had.

  4. Oh dude. I just caught your ingenious hidden title! “Friendsy.” That was so clever!

      • This is so good:
        “The task to butcher a body is messy but rewarding. Whistling she saved his head for last, kissing it gently.”

        One could easily twist up the meaning when it comes not long after this: “each one was another blow” 😛

        The whole messy piece could be one of your clever metaphors.

      • … for the way a man beats up a woman internally and the way a woman jacks with his body and tenderizes, cooks, and devours his mind

  5. Stir and stir again, thrice to thy, thrice to mine and thrice again to make up nine. You really stirred the cauldron this time. Powerful

  6. Mission accomplished! You served a massive helping of gore with a side order of ‘probably got what was coming to him’. Nicely structured and gorgeously tricking us from the start – ‘not ready to face Nick’ – very clever 🙂

  7. A novel way of disposing of the body. It sounds like he deserved it, and she was strong enough to carry it through. I loved the little kiss she gives the head before chucking it in!

  8. Sweet, sweet, SWEET! Bjorn, you keep on nailing it each time. Yeah, that kiss on the head was quite grim at the end. And SO right.

    Five out of five cold cuts. 🙂

  9. Good gracious, Björn! That WAS bloody and murderous, and SO well done! An entire life, a whole story, emotion and rage and terror all encapsulated in one scene. Well-done!

  10. Looks like Nick picked on the wrong woman. Escaping was not her plan and it seems she had been planning it. That may become one of those cold cases as the police call them. Well written, Bjorn. —- Suzanne

  11. Seems the word “grisly” (and “grizzly”) are being thrown around a lot. I prefer to think of Kayla as meticulous and thorough. She knew what needed to be done and disposed of the evidence in an environmentally friendly way. Very responsible of her. Nice story, Bjorn. I love the dark stuff.

  12. Beneath all that ocean calm there a world of violence – and beneath all that poetry you had this murder story that had to be written 🙂

    Nicely done.

  13. Wow! I’m propery shocked, sickened, and horrified. And delighted, what a story! And the perfect murder too.

  14. She’s a lady who’s in control of her own destiny. But there’s something troubling about how calmly she disposes of the evidence. Like Amy, I shuddered most at the whistling and kissing as she goes about her business. A most successful bit of horror.

  15. And when you and me are on separate teams, me will always win.

    Love the way you weaved this bit, Bjorn. I love surprises, and this one truly caught me. I was not expecting the ending. But it was deliciously satisfying. 😀

  16. Grisly and shocking indeed! I don’t anticipate this kind of story from you, Björn, which makes it that much more rewarding–– that you can do it, and do it well! Strong, jolting imagery and story telling.

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