Do not judge us by our skin

Mucused green, scabbed with warts
repulsive skin, they came in peace.
They came to warn us, sent to court
we judged them hostile, soil’s decease.
Decapitated, staked we lit their pyres
extracting gold from teeth with pliers.
Before we died in hail of meteors.

space-force-construction-1.jpg!Large (1)

Space Force Construction by Liubov Popova

A second Quadrille for Grace’s green at dVerse. Someone had to do an alien as well.

May 16, 2016

10 responses to “Do not judge us by our skin

  1. I admire how you portrayed the aliens as heroes after all ~ Sad if we all died in the hail of meteors ~ Love the sci-fi response Bjorn ~

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your condensed SF novel! Poor little green men – er, things? – misunderstood by being seen through the filter of our own ideas of beauty!

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