2 responses to “Watching the sordid sea

  1. “No gorgeous ache as rust (rused; are/our us t:ea) as me.” I flipping love that. There is no gorgeous ache to parallel that of rust … because it’s waited and waited and waited. So you’re comparing yourself to rust. (Or not. It’s just a thought.)

    “a boy could never love her” … Whew, is that the truth! Except her son. Maybe he could love her. (Or perhaps the she is the sea. Maybe it takes a man to love her. A sailor. Ooh, so now maybe the she is a siren in the sea.)

    “… could never love her thousand buts” … Incredible.

    Ask the moon. I love that. The moon sees it all and could probably tell us some pretty juicy stories.

    This is really cool. You should do more of them.

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