The echoes still linger

The echoes still lingered
in woodwinds of singers
the words of the poet forever’s
repeated but never
gave its solace to us, the sinners
cause his quill has gone dry
and we are left here to cry
in echoes that linger.

The echoes still linger
though gradually thinner
a flute that trickles from canyons
in search of companions
his words are no more, just a shimmer
that is dying at dusk
for the hungry a husk
the echoes that linger.

His echoes don’t linger
in battles with Stingers
erasing and killing librarians
becoming barbarians
having murdered the singers.
From silence of poets
come eviled our spirits
and echoes don’t linger.

Song without word by Lynd Ward

Song without word by Lynd Ward

Karin wants us to ponder the “no more” concept at toads. In addition to make it singable, which I interpreted as writing a song lyric. I think there are many enemies to words these days, not just poets but journalists and bloggers, and we don’s censor the words we drench them in puerile songs where only echoes can be heard. I also linking up to Poetry Pantry.

May 14, 2016

34 responses to “The echoes still linger

  1. Twisting and turning, and giving a warning. Much like my beloved Poe’s ‘Raven’, your poem reminds me to take heed of myself and be the deciding factor.

  2. Hey Bjorn–I love the rhyme of companions and canyons and the whole concept of erasing librarians (meaning no, don’t!) The repetition works very well. Thanks so much. k.

  3. his words is no more, just a shimmer
    that is dying at dusk
    for the hungry a husk
    the echoes that linger.

    The repetition works so well to intensify the feeling of echoes throughout the poem 🙂 Beautifully penned.

  4. It never pays to annoy the writer or kill off the librarians – the world would not exist without words.. the dark bass line resounds and echoes perfectly with the image as well..

  5. This is amazing, especially the kind of rhythm that the piece builds up and sustains till the last. Would love to hear it put to music. 🙂

  6. that librarian line is a show stopper, i worked for so many years as a library assistant. No No No we must have the libraries they are crucial to conservation and continuity

    much love…

  7. Lots of echoes in this, all of which linger in one way or another, as music or as scars. Language is indeed changing, radically, yet can something so rooted in our basic wiring really ever go away? Perhaps not, but it can certainly be perverted.

  8. This seems to be spiritual to me … as if the poetry referenced is that which is found in the Bible. It makes me think of people waiting for the return of Christ, which seems to be taking much longer than was anticipated.

  9. yes, this reads like song lyrics. i also like the form and shape of this poem, very disciplined.
    what would the world be like without librarians and poets? 🙂

  10. Such a powerful and moving song, Bjorn! I really love your work with the rhymes, and your choice of artwork made me go back and read it again.

  11. This does have a lyrical vibe to it and repetition always works well in songs as it lingers in the mind.

    The echoes still lingered
    in woodwinds of singers

  12. Very intriguing, Bjorn. For me, your line, “we are left here to cry,” set the tone and mood. When I saw the librarian desecrated, and others, I thought of Barbarians on the loose. ISIS?

  13. I love the idea of those echoes. The idea of silent poets is sad. But you have blended a beautiful poem here Bjorn. I like the picture you selected too. It combines so well with the sentiment of the poem – a dark grief.

  14. Very cool! “for the hungry a husk” is left, barely an echo, just as in the progress of this poem. It illustrates itself, and–in doing so, becomes false. It’s much more than a crust for us hungry readers.

  15. Rhyme is used here very powerfully to, somewhat, mimic the effect of echoes,- for me, anyway, rhyme does have a reverberating quality to it. An interesting and thought provoking piece.

  16. For me, my favorite is the flute’s song echoing from canyon. The entirety has a reverberating effect with your form…really works well, Bjorn. 🙂

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