In the alley behind

When you talk about our love
with meth-mouth-smile, it’s like
finding a garbage bag floating
in the stagnant pools behind
forsaken factories, and see
a femur shape that cling to foil
of plastic black, to smell remains
of what has past, and lost.
(as slimy water under bridges).

There is a taste of dumpster in
your words, as if exhumed the
corpse we buried could be made
to breathe, as if our pyre could
be modified to fireplace. What’s
past is lost, dissolved with acid,
burnt, eradicated from the soil.
But yet, I fall again into your
arms; and once again with lid
of coffin shut we kiss, embrace

The murderer by Edward Munch

The murderer by Edward Munch

Today Victoria hosts Open Link Night at dVerse and you can bring any poem that you like (or maybe even dislike). I got the idea to use some CSI like metaphors to paint a picture of a love that doesn’t really work. Soon April is over with the 30 poems that I have done (with some VAT on top). Come join us when we open at 3PM EST.

April 28, 2016

33 responses to “In the alley behind

  1. Love the darkness in this…that CSI-like vocabulary worked really well and you got your exhumation in….superbly written 🙂

  2. Oh, yikes. I loved this but then the science major in me savors forensics. Well, maybe savor isn’t the appropriate verb. But what a great metaphor for destructive relationships.

  3. Indeed, we do get much inspiration from others. Dark and disturbing but as always, so well written. The twists your mind takes is always amazing.

  4. The images of decay really strike home the feeling of despair and self loathing involved in a bad relationship. Just so well done!

  5. Oh how gruesome, I could almost smell it and thank goodness I can’t! I don’t think there’s any patching up of that relationship. I like when you play with your dark side, Bjorn, creepy good.

  6. SO well done. I don’t watch CSI anymore, but I am binge-watching Bones during workouts, so this was as fun as it was gruesome, and a little tragic. Delightfully so.

  7. For a pleasant soul, you really can go to demon’s lairs, & places of macabre darkness–that side of you is truly spooky. Having said that though, as a frequent dweller in darkness, my self, I dig it when you go there. Your metaphor is sterling, yet stinky.

  8. Well, Bjorn, I must admit to not being so sure about this one. Doesn’t sound like a love to be yearned for with a taste of dumpster and a corpse in view & the kiss within a coffin. Admittedly creative though! Smiles.

  9. I probably don’t have to tell you just how much I love this. I’m enthralled by the pungent power of its imagery, but how the speaker is completely lost to its lure, by the way it oozes out of the pen to seep into the bones.

    Dark, delicious and simply unavoidable.

  10. Wow! Meth-mouth smile…I’ve seen them and they are bad!! Teeth can tell a story that the rest of the body may hide. I like the coffin slam once they kiss, perfectly unperfect write Bjorn!

  11. I find this compelling work. To describe this dangerous, toxic form of love, and to be drawn to it… CSI-inspiration aside, I’ve seen toxic-love like this play itself out. (though never through personal experience)

    You seem to be stretching yourself, and I like this direction you’ve taken with this poem.

  12. coming into this poem i wasn’t sure what to expect – that is, after all, one of the delights of open link night. but goodness, i did enjoy this. you never spell anything out in black and white but your phrases and crafty manipulations of kenning like descriptions just forge such an image!

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