Stirred loneliness

See with your eyes! Listen with your ears! And if you wish to smell the fragrance, press for an explanation of every unresolved matter until your understanding is complete.

There is an incense, fragrance, it’s from tea,
when you tip-toe, sway as vapor from my tea.

In gentle pitter patter from the eaves, a rain
of spring is music as I bend my will for tea.

Your lips are moist as nape of mine, you touch
me as your wrists dance gently cups of tea.

Forbidden words not said, but still perceived
in silence hum of breath and whisk of tea.

I watch a bead of sweat trickling from your brow
as it catch the light, you concentrate on tea.

We sit apart yet close, and share our warmth
that ripples from your hand to surface my tea,

I feel the bitter taste, as you leave the room
and left alone I bear the burden of my tea.

elegant lady pouring tea by Le Pho

elegant lady pouring tea by Le Pho

Today Rommy inspires us to write poetry inspired by the Tea Ceremony at toads. I have never experienced one, but I felt that it could be interesting topic to write about veiled desire in the form of a ghazal.

April 27, 2016

18 responses to “Stirred loneliness

  1. Yes, the ghazal is perfect for your lyrical poem. When i began to write in couplets today, I momentarily thought I might also go with ghazal but it didn’t work out that way, which is why I am doubly pleased to read yours.

  2. I’m a big fan of this one! The idea of this whole world existing in the silence between the two people is just so wonderfully done. And you used the form very well to drive home this feeling of a long suffering loneliness.

  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen or written a ghazal. Wonderful. So lulled by this:
    “a rain
    of spring is music as I bend my will for tea.”

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