Our Laughter

Afterwards. When only veins remain, when the bursting buds of love, the “yes” and tingling taste of flesh has faded, there is silence.

Today. Fine lines of sorrow etch your face and your hands are rough from labor. But I find your beauty dignified and when we sit at night together there is comfort in our silence. We don’t need words, but communicates in cadence of our breath, and when it’s time you touch my cheek and smile.

Spring. I see in sunlit flashes still the sparks of youth and you. The giggling brooks remind me how we laughed at jokes that were not funny but because we were, just were. I take your hand and smile.

underneath my oak
the broken branches wither —
anemones blooming


Today I host Haibun Monday at dVerse. And we are given the choice of three picture by Susan Judd. There is a theme of “Beauty in Decay” in all the pictures we have chosen. Come to the pub at 3 PM CET and make your own choice for a haibun. This is my 30th poem this month for 30 poems in April. But I will continue and see how many I will do.

April 25, 2016

26 responses to “Our Laughter

  1. “But I find your beauty dignified “…”We don’t need words, but communicates in cadence of our breath…” My favorite lines here. Having been married for 46 years, I find this a beautiful writing of love — Beauty ages and love endures.

  2. This is a breathtaking haibun. so much truth about true love and true beauty.I read this several times and fell more in love with it every time. For those who find beauty in youth and perfection, this is a true heart lesson.

  3. “i find your beauty dignified” this line is absolutely exquisite, and sums up the entire theme so well. i love how you wrote two people interacting in this – the memories seem all the more precious.

  4. I love the element of silent communication this graceful aging of together. Beautiful poem so well suited to the image you chose, too. Thank you for the challenge!!

  5. When you find love where your presence with each other is enough, that feels like peace and comfort to me. I like how you brought this beauty to life in your words, Bjorn.

  6. Ah, the quiet joy of getting old together. I love that sentence: ‘We don’t need words, but communicate in cadence of our breath, and when it’s time you touch my cheek and smile.’ It’s so true and links beautifully to the haiku.

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