On disaster of words

There are words that cannot be reversed; there are sentences that never should be said. Silence is filled with ambiguity and there is always a little bit of hope. Yet when said, “I don’t love you anymore”, will always be the beginning of another journey. New directions and possibilities will be found. There are paths that used to be hidden that open up. And already after a few days when you have found a new direction in your life, it might even come as a disappointment when she says, “I didn’t mean it, I still love you but I needed words to hurt”, at that moment you can decide to reach out and touch her face and say. “I understand, come let me show you something new that I have found,”, but more likely you will shut the door and leave.

purple crocus proudly
stretch in search of April’s sun —
born from winter’s death

Crocuses in our garden

Crocuses in our garden

Today Toni has haibun Monday at dVerse and wants us to write a haibun on communication, failed real or it’s consequences. My haibun is inspired by a talk I had with a friend of mine yesterday. This is also my 11th poem for NaPoWriMo. I’m still keeping the pace.

21 responses to “On disaster of words

  1. So true that once spoken, words really can’t be reversed. I had a spat with a loved one not long ago and he brought up something from over 20 years ago. Those painful moments just hang with us and I guess we just need to grow through them.

  2. I think hurt inside of us often wants us to hurt the one who hurt us. Not always but sometimes. Sometimes we think we are being powerful but indeed, we end up hurting ourselves worse.

  3. You should never say things to hurt because the pain you deal will always come back to you. How beautifully expressed Bjorn. I hope your new is everything you deserve.

  4. We have the power to say hurtful or loving things ~ When I am mad, I tend to say hurtful things which I regret later on ~ Good thing, my hubby and (older) children are very understanding ~ I am envious of that purple flower ~

  5. Some words are hard to retract. “I don’t love you anymore” is one of those sentences, after which nothing can be the same after that. A powerful haibun.

  6. The person who said “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me” was an idiot. Words can hurt, and when they are said with the express intention of causing pain, it’s even worse.

  7. Words can take on a life of their own, breaking us down, lifting us up. Sometimes the most hurtful force us on new journeys we never regret. In the end, we have to decide where these words will take us. Your haiku is a blossom of hope.

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