It’s spring

When breaking through the leaves
what’s left in purpled hearts
were wounds and scars,
and scent of decomposing bones,
when through composted death
these stems of hope and buds explode
and in the way the blackbirds greet
how the crocus seeks for sun.

  &nbsp… it’s spring
Today Hannah wants us to see nature and write about what we find outside our doors at toads. I do understand that we are later than most, but crocuses are blooming in my garden right now. This is my ninth entry for NaPoWriMo..

April 9, 2016

21 responses to “It’s spring

  1. It’s a nasty cold rainy day here~spring in general, so far, has been tooo cold. It’s so nice to see that you have a nice spring and that your poem brings it to life so well too

  2. I love the contrast of color in your offering, Bjorn…the vibrant purple and the mysterious crow…thank you, for bringing your vision to the garden! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this so much,,earthy (is that a pun?) “how the crocus seeks the sun”, as do we. Thank you.

  4. Life and death must co-habit always – it’s the right way of things. I’d trade quite a lot for the joy of crocuses coming up in my garden.

  5. I am glad to hear that Spring is founding its way to your porch.
    I like that your poem encompasses both the daylike and the nighlike soul emotions, that the Earth reflects into us, but the flowers, as well.

  6. Lovely! And do you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of a crocus before. Now I understand why European poets celebrate them.

  7. Because of your “purple hearts” reference, I see this as being about veterans trying to find renewed life after seeing so much death during a war.

  8. Spring is born from death. There’s no denying it. LOL, I hope your crocus and other spring flowers fare better than ours did in the north east part of the US.

  9. Crocus have been special to me since I was small in our yard in northern Indiana. I love how you compare this new life coming from dead things! Giving us hope for life. Glad to see you back Bjorn!

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