Concerto for birds

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Unskeined, the goose
leaves the sky unplowed
to pick my seeds for food.

Uncommitted crow
waiting for a murder.

Three owls
hoot in disagreement —
parliament in session

Drake and duck
a raft for ducklings

A cock is crowing
chickens huddle,

Concert of Birds by  Frans Snyders

Concert of Birds by Frans Snyders

Today De is taking care of poetics at dVerse and inspires us with a long list of collective nouns for birds to use as inspiration for our poems. My choice was to include the collective nouns inside my small poems.

This will be my last poem in March, I will be back in April with more poetry. I will take Easter and the week after off from writing poetry.

This is also my 2000th entry on my blog. Hooray.

March 22, 2016

42 responses to “Concerto for birds

  1. A fine collection! Ah, my favorite is the one about the uncommitted crow! Second favorite the ‘parliament in session.’ You definitely were very inspired.

  2. What, 2000! Good for you!
    Love these, especially the first. Wonderful.
    April is freaking me out. “Taking time off” in my case has left me… let’s say less than productive. We’ll see what happens, I guess!
    Happy Easter and have a lovely break. See you after 🙂

  3. Another clear & fun response to the prompt. You write more poetry in between your life duties than I imagined possible, so I assume at this point you have written more than 2000 poems.

  4. Fun, Bjorn…bird names lend an ease to writing humor. Congratulations on your 2,000th post and enjoy your break and Easter. See you when you return!

  5. Congratulations on your 2000th Bjorn. Wising you many many more creative pursuits for our reading pleasure

    enjoyed today collective bird verses

    much love…

  6. I love every single one of your poems, Bjorn. Each one, brought a smile to me. Congrats, on reaching this milestone, of 2000th poems. Enjoy your time away, from poetry.

  7. I love all five, specially no. 3 ~ Congrats on your milestone of writing and enjoy your break ~ We will miss you for sure ~

  8. Beautiful work. And congratulations on your 2000th entry! Such an astounding achievement.

  9. Lots of birds doing their things. I’m not a bird lover but some are pretty. Congrats on the 2000. Reminds me to count mine. Thanks, keep up your good work.

  10. This was a fine way backwards into the D’Verse challenge, Happy 2000th. I’m sure you’re busy writing into the third millennium of your work.

  11. First–many congrats on the 2000 posts, Bjorn–wonderful–and loved these–especially the waiting for a murder–very clever. Have a terrific break. k.

  12. Three owls
    hoot in disagreement —
    parliament in session

    Very typical of the politicians in session, Bjorn! Though they may not necessarily are ‘the wise owls’ type of guys


  13. Congratulations Bjorn on your milestone! You are a writing fiend and I’ve enjoyed your poetry for many years now. Who’s a wonderful poet? Bjorn, that’s who!

  14. Wow – congratulations on your 2000! And such consistently high quality too. That’s really something to be proud of. And I really like your bird bits, using the collective name as part of the little story or description of each.

  15. Love this. Love the idea of the Concerto with different movements. Quite clever indeed. I especially enjoyed #3….here in Bermuda, they do have government by parliament, being a British territory. Several weeks ago there were demonstrations over a suggested bill….and I can just imagine the owls hooting in disagreement at their desks in the government house. Well done!

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