Dear Equinox

Come melt me,
thaw me, lip me
with your sips of sun
dissolving snow.

O light of March
dear equinox
come melt me.
let me bubble
throw my socks.

Dance me, lull me
let me grin when
faced with sun,
come melt me, sing.

Sounds of Spring by Franz Stuck

Sounds of Spring by Franz Stuck

Today at World Poetry Day Grace is hosting the Quadrille at dVerse with the word melt. Seems such a great word for spring.

March 21, 2016

37 responses to “Dear Equinox

  1. Oh Joy!!!! I certainly shall join in this dance….I’ve been singing I’ll Stop the World and melt with you….since I read the prompt word. Happy to join and melt with spring and vernal equinox.

  2. See. Super sexy. 🙂

    “lip me
    with your sips of sun” … I love this part. Also “Let me bubble through my socks.”

    In the last stanza, though, I dare you to add a couple of parentheticals:
    “Dance me, lull me
    let me grin(d) when
    faced with sun,
    come melt me, sing(e).”

  3. Spring has not yet revealed her petaled beauty here in the Rockies so your poem fuels my fire to see her joy. It is a gem sparkling in the warm sun.

  4. I love it when you used up all our Quadrille words ~ I am singing along with your melting verses ~

    Well played Bjorn ~

  5. Very vibrant, I wanted to spin like the ladies on the picture 🙂 Extra pluses for the socks, my husband approves, he hates the things!

  6. This is beautiful. Spring feels like hope to me, that it can melt all things cold and restricting, snow and burdens. That may be expecting too much, but at least there are fresh blooms to admire 🙂

  7. Spring has catapulted all the poets as “melt” led most to thawing, dancing, & the fecund frenzy of rebirth coupled to the exit of old man winter (good riddance for now). So sad that a new terrorist attack has twisted our focus & attention this morning to Belgium.

  8. You’ve captured that effusive throwing off of the last vestiges of winter in this sun dance in dissolving snow … a joyful rollicking whirl.

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