Sparrows hid


Ray-banned blonde,
blames her-
even far beyond
the reach
of knotted hands —
to purple

“I shouldn’t…“
“He wouldn’t…”

Her hands are

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The topics of hands at dVerse Poetics by Mish is a wonderful one, and is worthy of a second poem.

March 15, 2016

10 responses to “Sparrows hid

  1. Opening words are gripping Bjorn ~ Those purple fists can wreck a person’s life ~ Terse and dark story & hopefully those sparrows will someday fly away ~

  2. Ha. I can’t help but see “Sparrow Shit” hidden in the title. 🙂 Also “Sparrow Sh Id” and “Sparrow Shied.” Maybe “Sparrow Shield” too.

    It sucks ass to bury “blue.” … SOOOO clever what you did with “blueberried” though. Followed by that “B ruse,” of course.

    As much as it sucks to bury blue, it’s equally sad to ban rays, be they sun rays or manta rays.

    B loaned. B lames her. You are hilarious. Far beyond the re-ache. Of know-Ted hands. (That’s Sylvia’s husband/ex-husband. I’m not sure if they were separated or divorced when she killed herself.)

    Sea/See lynched. Poor manta ray. 😦

    Purr/pure-play fists.

    He wouldn’t “yet” her. I wonder what “yet” means as a verb? Maybe it’s backwards: Te. Tie. Eat? He would. Now this is about sushi. Her hands soar, regardless. It doesn’t matter if you eat her entire; she still has something left that you can never capture, never put on your table. You can’t even imagine what’s in that secret compartment, not served at any restaurant, seafood or otherwise. Not in any way catchable, regardless of your method.

    “Sparrows” also equals SP (Sylvia Plath) arrows.

    Excellent stacking and alignment play to draw out internal words. You’ve really jumped onto this!

    I’m doing the B thing to you that I do to myself with the S. So at the beginning, there’s also a B-loo (potty) and a B-you-ride. :X Hee hee.

    Awesome poem. 🙂

  3. The alliteration in the beginning is so “striking”. Hands used as weapons …such a sad thing. The sparrow is such a delicate bird, giving us the perfect analogy.

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