brimstone abstinence

Darkly this tempest is blowing listless and compressing
midnight to obsidian shards; we’re sworn obsessiveness,
doomed in a sootiness of chimneys broken, to icicles
hurled against our soil.

Dreaded, this voice of us, barking moonstruck we’re digressing
rabid; tonight when in brimstone abstinence, kilned as one
we are as capricorns pictured smouldering, scorched till this
dawn annihilates.

Dark egg (lembark  l22) by  Sam Francis

Dark egg (lembark l22) by Sam Francis

Kerry challenged me to write a Sapphic verse, and I had to try it… my head is all set on iambs, so this was really difficult. Not even sure I counted right, and the level of obscurity has become high… Linked to Tuesday Platform at toads.

March 15, 2016

13 responses to “brimstone abstinence

  1. I like the end result. What an amazing ode to the darkest hours of night, those lost unholy hours before dawn. I love the word choice you have made, and stress patterns must give way to meaning in the end. You have done a fine job, in my opinion.

  2. Hey Bjorn, agree with Kerry–wonderful word use here, and I view the capricorn as our goaty selves, rather deprived and driven in all that sootiness of night. Anyway, I enjoyed. K.

  3. I’d say you got it Bjorn! I feel you hurling lines at me especially ” we’re digressing rabid;” holy cow! I feel as if I’ve been in a storm!

  4. I love how you adventure and risk through so many forms. This is a schizzy, chist-karst mouthful of shard snakry truths. Bleeding not optional. Well done.

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