Images of fire and ice

By sulphured paths
green with moss
pits were bubbling
hissing sagas.
Horses hooves in ash
basalt in fumes

In sheen of swords
and warmth of ice, in fleece
of sheep
berserker’s hand,
the glaciered rush
of waterfalls.

I remember taste of cod,
how we ate in Reykjavik.
We were as sea
as dusk
melted to dawn.

In volcanic water,
streams still warm,
as veined from earth,
we bathed Atlantic
coldness, winds away.

Above the waves
are sailing puffins, gannets
kittiwakes in search
of truants from the
school of fish.



Today we have another guest at dVerse who wants us to write about the adventure in travel. To lure and tempt us into your chosen destination. I give you a few images of Iceland, an amazing place for rest and adventures.

March 1, 2016

29 responses to “Images of fire and ice

  1. I’ve heard that about Iceland. Is it much different than Scandinavia? I do envy your hiking/camping treks; incredible commune with Nature; nice take. I liked the lines /we were at sea/as dusk/melted to dawn/.

    • It’s both very different yet very similar… going there is a little bit like timetravel… but with all its volcanoes and ice it feels very exotic… it’s also so much closer to the American continent….

  2. This is so beautifully atmospheric, Bjorn. I love the way you have presented a unique view in each segment, and the blending in of words relating to the Viking forebears of Iceland.

  3. I would really like to visit Reykjavik…..even more so from your wonderful descriptions. Those springs must be phenomenal.

  4. I like the extraordinary combinations of natural elements you used, I have never been to Reykjavik, but the stories I hear about it make me imagine a land that is so vastly different than mine, like a land from a fairytale, and the imagery you used makes it more so.

  5. These are also much admired by me: We were as sea, as dusk melted to dawn.,,,I’ve always wanted to go there. Japan has many natural hot springs, baths….they are wonderful. Bathing in them when it is snowing is icredible. I so love all the senses in this, the taste of cod, the watching the birds circling for errant fish. Just amazing.

  6. My son was there last year and I am awed by the pictures ~ Love the vivid images of green moss, waterfalls, volcanic water & taste of cod ~ It is very tempting to travel there as the plane fares are very cheap ~ Each part is excellent Bjorn ~

  7. I’ve read Iceland is an amazing place to visit, your words have definitely made it sound even more so.

    “in search
    of truants from the
    school of fish.”

    Such a delightful close

  8. This is brilliant – great writing – with a compelling chant-like cadence to it … brought to mind an image of Nordic oarsmen of antiquity in a nautical chorus. A very cool mystic bit of channeling – I love it when someone does that with a pen!

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