Easeled lust.

Easeled well, you’re my canvas, girl,
you’re chiaroscuro, swirls of umbra
whiffs of floribunda, you’re my light
in dark, my chocolate. You’re weight-
less words, a pillowed wait for spring,
the needle’s sting, a soft anesthesia.
Come girl, my painting synthesis why do
you lure me, turn your back at me?

Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos

Linked to Magpie Tales

February 28, 2016

13 responses to “Easeled lust.

  1. I hadn’t seen the magpie photo yet; that’s gorgeous! I mean, what a thing to have “hidden” behind your back! — a paintbrush and all the colors of the rainbow. I’m completely captivated by it, and not just because it’s sexy but because of all that it says about this woman. There’s a stunning mind behind this staging, that’s for sure.

    Now, for the poem …

    I love that the title is also “Ease-Led Lust.” I could just sit in that phrase-pocket and ponder for quite some time. And then you punctuated it with a period, which you don’t typically do in your titles. So that tells me that it’s over — the ease. Maybe now more work will be involved. Or maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all and you just happened to stick a period at the end.

    A paragraph poem. 8 lines. The perfect number. An hourglass (figure). Sideways infinity. Not quite to ten yet. I wonder what the invisible two would say // if they went all the way // to black.

    The use of “girl” does something completely different to the poem. If she were a woman, this would go in a different direction altogether. But your abruptness makes her seem like a child you’re chastising. She’s obstinate, stubborn, defiant, completely bucking authority. Yours.

    She’s your student, perhaps. And she’s teasing you. Because you like it. Also, you open with “easeled well …” So I think this poem is all about how good she is to you and for you, when she behaves. ~When she sits still and soaks up your paint while you do all the commanding. I presume all the opposites are true when she wiggles off the easel and makes you chase her.

    I love this poem. The way it sounds, the smart writing, its curves. Very sultry.

    This is my favorite line: “the needle’s sting, a soft anesthesia.” This is one that has earned an A+ in the “I want to read it over and over again” category.

  2. I paint when I have time…which seems to be rarely these days…but I love to turn to art for metaphoric inspiration. You have worked so well with this…I especially like chiaroscuro–a dream concept to expand, so appropriate for the complexities of personalities.

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