No more queues, or I be darned

Spelling spilt in split of hairs
i spread your words
and sentence letters into sentences
make sense and scare your
false pretense, as if you say:

TOMATO I wonder who’s that bastard
cannibal, the
TOM who ATe yOu,

or you might say:

“Where’s the sweetest CANTALOUPE in town?”
I singly says you that:
No idea but
you CAN dance me TAke me LOUdly
salty PEppered, nightly own me

drinks in BARs, it’s BEer and
no more QUEues or I be Darned

Ripped and tattered.
shredded silked and tapped
I still can spill NOCTURNAL
NO Chickens TURNing tired, not at ALl.

Chicken without feather by  Ivan Generalic

Chicken without feather by Ivan Generalic

Gillena introduce us to the Pierrot Grenade at toads. I have no clue if I did it right, but it was fun to do some crazy spelling. I will link this to Poetry Pantry tomorrow as well.

February 27, 2016

44 responses to “No more queues, or I be darned

  1. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. This is great. 🙂 Seriously, absolutely rolling around on the floor. (Well. I might be exaggerating a bit.)

    It makes me think of a writer losing his mind because he’s working so hard, talking to himself and “the voices” out in the woods, while staying at an isolated cabin or something. ~Like in that movie The Number 23, or Secret Window with Johnny Depp. Those are the best.

  2. Really good, Bjorn. This was a hard one to write, I didn’t have enough time or wasn’t oriented good enough. Probably the last.
    I liked your chicken, mine still had feathers but no head.

  3. I love how you gave yourself wholeheartedly to the prompt. Such clever ways to spell and the chicky pic is perfect!

  4. Great stuff Bjorn — Poetry is a high-wire act, and when the versifier is a Pierrot – our schizophrenic bard — the balancing act is mad, mad, mad. And delightful. Its refreshing getting whiffs of this cotton candy sterno.

  5. LOL!!! this is the best best time i’ve had visiting your blog Bjorn. You make a crazy cool Pierrot Grenade; And that image is on point, on point!!!

    “I still can spill NOCTURNAL
    NO Chickens TURNing tired, not at ALl.”

    my favourite lines; and the Title’s a WOWZA too

    Have a great Sunday

    much love…

  6. loved your clever word play in this poetic dish – shall never see tomatoes now as anything but blooded cannibal

  7. You are never afraid to try something new. I don’t really know how you did with the prompt but, it was fun to read. Still chuckling

    TOMATO I wonder who’s that bastard
    cannibal, the
    TOM who ATe yOu,

  8. Bjorn .. delighted to read your postscript and some comments – I read with a sense that I was a bit delighted and a bit befuddled… not having read the prompt or having any idea where this was intended I could only enjoy

  9. You took my beloved tomato and turned it into a killer tomato…wonderful prompt that was given for this. Even when having fun, you interject that dark bit that gives such contrast to light. I laughed and on second reading, shook my head, amazed and delighted.

  10. I think you did wonderfully! I came here first Bjorn to see how what you did with this fun prompt so I have an idea of how to proceed. I am going to attempt this magic trick with words now. Lol!

  11. You’ve given yourself headlong to the prompt. Sometimes it’s a great enjoyment to write just for the fun of it. And it seems so effortless when it’s done that way. Nice job!
    Steve K.

  12. This is a treat! The loopy content and a bit of slip and slide rhyme all contribute to a surreal bit of fun … capped off, if I’ve gathered correctly, by the “Pierrot Grenade” jest of spelling any word any way.

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