Yarned to sheets, I’m tethered tight
I’m wound around a trigger cocked
I’m footfalls in the dead of night
I’m horseman-pale, I’m key & lock

Hush by Francisco Goya

Hush by Francisco Goya

Today we are repeating prompts at toads. I decided to combine two of them into my prompt. Twitter length poem by Mama Zen and Susan’s prompt on using the first line of a previous poem. Actually my post also hints towards next Weekend challenge by myself. Linking to poetry pantry

January 23.

44 responses to “Hush

  1. Horse-man pale? Guess the guy was riding too fast for his horse. I rode my horse, Minnie, to high school for my copies to two years. Minnie protected me from myself.
    I will be waiting to see what your prompt will be about. Two things: 1) it will be good, and 2) I will like it. 🙂

  2. This plunged me in from the first word – which is fantastic – so atmospheric..gothic perhaps? I hear that hush being whispered and warned and feel the woman wrapped tight..

  3. Bjorn – the foretelling of bad times as darkness settles in. You do enjoy these dark pieces. Images of this scare me a bit. I guess it is the way I am wired.

  4. Pale rider – I thought of Clint Eastwood, knowing it was one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, but he still brought death to that wretched little town. Tight write….key and lock, life and death, trigger cocked – and ready to explode in spite of the quiet words and gothic atmosphere.

  5. This is just terrific, Bjorn–I think of the Katherine Anne Porter story, pale horse, pale rider–I think that is about a sickness, but of course, the gun business is a sickness too. k.

  6. I could see the notions in your poem here and feel sad about it. It’s the “yarned to sheets” and the “key and lock” to whom I relate so well. Life does get better though cause I’ve lived a zig-zag one all my life.

  7. Perfect, short, crisp images that strike like a knife–I can’t tell you how good I think this is Bjorn–thanks for making my poetic morning and thanks also for your encomium on my sonnet–from you, the consummate sonneteer, that is praise indeed.

  8. I’m pretty sure I’m reading this wrong but the image won’t go away. So–I’m picturing one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. The second line cinched it in my head and the last about the “horseman-pale” just reinforces it in my mind. I read too many comic books as a teenager and I’m seeing the horseman death as rendered by one of the greats–a great poem. Sorry if I missed the poetic boat.

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