At the center of it all

When blacked, the solitary candle
marks his execution,
an end’s solution.

With eyes’ a-bolted shut
dying in the center of it all.
… really trying too
dying at the center of it all.

Cause even angels cannot fall
sedated, more than once.

and daydreamed eagles leave
when stars go black, go back
I thought he died alone
the man who saved the world.

and in the center of it all
blackstarred eyes, flames
are dying at the center of it all.

Posted for Izzy’s out of standard prompt at toads. Blackstar is really a song to be inspired from, and just like Bowie and other’s I used some cut up technique. If anyone is interested to read a little bit more, read this old article from Rolling Stones Magazine: Beat Godfather Meets Glitter Mainman

January 22, 2016

16 responses to “At the center of it all

  1. The tension in this is palpable, Bjorn. At the center of it all is indeed that fall that remains unredeemed, You have managed to evoke the same mood for me as the song, and made me consider just how all the human dots are connected/disconnected/dissolved/erased.

    • David Bowie used cut-up technique for his lyrics… and I used it too, but on his own lyric. Adding a few lines from “the man who saved the world”… so yes I think that’s why it feels so connected/disconnected/dissolved/erased.

  2. I love how you begin… that first stanza is enchanting.
    Flames do live and die at the centre of it all, just that the centre gets lost sometimes amid the mind numbing darkness.

  3. How clever to use a cut up technique, even a little Bowie esque. This poem is stunning Bjorn. In particular, you showed particular strength in how you choose to reiterate and place the refrain, “flames are dying at the center of it all” is a line with it’s own center of gravity. Ta-dah, viva la, and thanks for posting to the out of standard.

  4. Expressive and lyrical … and, I thought, quite ariose for a poem – almost as if it should have music attached to it somehow, and not simply be recited.

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