On wings of trust

Against the black winged sky,
a sultry sun plays peek a boo
with winds —

the tempest temptress.


You pull me closer, closer,
to the precipice.
But yet a little while
I cling to cliffs
too scared to dare.


I fall into the depth
but carried by your trust
defying gravity

we dance.

Acrobats of the air by Alessandra Meniconzi

Acrobats of the air by Alessandra Meniconzi

Kerry’s 55 words for toads with pictures from National Geographics contest.

January 2, 2016

47 responses to “On wings of trust

  1. Such an amazing picture, which speaks of trust and reliability in its stark clarity. Your poem creates the perfect metaphor.

  2. I love the image progression here, the build up feels real, and so does the ending with the emotion of flying and excitement it incites.

  3. These national geographic photos are gorgeous and amazing.

    The poem capture the intensity and thrill of life in general.

    Happy New Year, Bjorn

  4. Sometimes we do indeed need to take a leap of faith in order to learn how to fly – a wonderful poem and i love the sun playing peek a boo

  5. Such an excellent take on this pic, Bjorn–‘the tempest temptress’ is also just the perfect image here. (I saw this image, which is almost an explosion of life, but didn’t use it, since I was writing about death. You have done a much better job with its sense of freedom and daring than my 55 words would have.)

  6. Oh that leap of faith and trusting to be able to soar. I like your take on this photo very much. Being pulled to the sky yet clinging still and then, the ultimate letting go and dancing in the sky. I think that must truly be what flying is all about. I’ve watched young birds learning to fly, trusting their parents and when they finally take wing, it is truly glorious.

  7. Breathtakingly lovely, one of my faves of yours, my friend….that “black winged sky”, clinging to cliffs “too scared to dare”, and then that trusting leap and “we dance”. Spectacular.

  8. I love the image of the sun being sultry, especially playing peekaboo! That is adorable and sexy all at the same time. Then you throw in the “You,” meaning that you’re talking to the “Sun” who hovers above you, playing with you. Sorry if I’m wrong, but your poem makes me picture a little thing called edging. Anyway, I don’t see flying or dancing … unless she’s a stripper and this is a lap dance. I think this is one of those stories about a man falling in love with a stripper, believing she can (and is available to) love him back. He’s naive to trust her, but he’s desperate to be able to. The reality is, once those girls become dependent on and entrenched in that lifestyle/occupation, it’s going to very hard for them to get out.

    It doesn’t help my reading eyes that I watched Showgirls last night. I’m sure my viewpoint is a bit tainted at the moment. 😛

  9. In a relationship its important to fall down that precipice of vulnerability, the allow the other to hold you up. Lovely poem Bjorn. Nice to be back this year again to read your poetic thoughts.

  10. This is very cool. Love the set up – and then the twist:
    against the back winged sky … sultry sun
    You pull me closer, closer … to the precipice.
    I fall into the depth … defying gravity

  11. Acrobats taking the dare. Surely those will lose.
    It’s more risky (literal now) for the birds than diving
    for fish. Most times then, they return to their cliffs.
    Even if I’m way off, Bjorn, it is a nice imagination
    stirring read. Thank you.

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