Another day awake

Everything looks different in reflection. We forget the cold and rainy mornings for the sunny few. We forget the bitter dregs left in our coffeecup for the first aromatic sip.

Yet whenever I find myself brewing two cups of coffee I remember. Today will be just as bad as yesterday, and the day before. The veil of your letter shadows even the brightest sun.

There had been little signs, clouds on the horizon, ripples on the silent waters, but no thunderstorms, just fog of separation, just the bitterness of cold coffee.

It’s another day awake before I can dream again.

Copyright Jean L. Hays

Copyright Jean L. Hays

Another year, and time to break my silence a little with a 100 word story. On Monday dVerse opens again and I will try to write to as many prompts as possible.

Friday fictioneers is managed by Rochelle, and can attract up to 100 writers every week.

January 1, 2016

32 responses to “Another day awake

  1. This is an excellent piece and actually makes me want to try prose again. A contemplative piece and simply brings to mind the “after”, the loss, the habits of being in a relationship. This piece brought up to mind many of these awake until I could dream again moments of a past relationship. “everything looks different in reflection” and then you just brought it all together in well chose and grey words. What a wonderful way to start the new year.

      • IYes it does. I truly liked the tone in this – not dark but deep and introspective. I think it is one of your best and all I could think of was – this would be one incredible haibun. I actually posted the link to my New Year’s post on FB. Wow. I’m working on a post about lucky food traditions and have a poem building in my head. It was good to have a break and now my brain is clamoring for me to go back to work.

  2. How true is that… we forget drab when the sun comes out. Then again, is this a bad thing? Oh that first day of a new year… truly does make us reflect, doesn’t it?

  3. So beautiful, and so exquisitely sad — that devastating period when you can’t imagine life will ever fit right again, that you’ll ever feel the sun fully warm you again, that dreaming of the past is the best you’ll ever have. “The veil of your letter” — yes, exactly.

  4. Haunting words, Bjorn, but they are very often the ultimate truth.
    Happy New Year to you, I am looking forward to reading your writing in 2016 as well!

  5. “The veil of your letter shadows even the brightest sun.” Love this line. Very “haunting” indeed, using Oloriel’s word above. I often wonder, sitting in a cafe, what people are thinking as they slowly stir their cup. You’ve given a glimpse into the mind of one.
    Enjoyed this one!

  6. You have a subtle hand with the emotional content of this piece, Bjorn. Good to have you back, and happy new year to you!

  7. This piece tells us how we only remember the happy times while forgetting the sad and less than perfect ones. Most of us seem to do that. Well written as always, Bjorn, with great metaphors. — Suzanne

  8. Nicely portrayed feelings. I like how the coffee represents the bitter and the sweet for him. I also like how you used the idea of reflections.

  9. This piece is so deep, how often i forgot the sad times to concentrate on the good only to find the bitter dregs becoming more and more part of my reality — until like the character in the story I couldn’t wait for the day to end so that I could dream. Very well written Bjorn.

  10. Hey Bjorn–happy new year! Your story is rather unhappy for the day but I feel strongly that it is a character speaking! (And well-spoken.) I hope you had a great break, and are looking forward to all that writing you are promising to do–I look forward to it also–k.

  11. You describe the in-between state so well. Happiness is gone, but the dream of it is still there. Only when that one can be let go, a new dream can grow. Beautifully written as always.

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