Break the sixth dimension

We travel on the Milky Way
through (and with)
the broken sixth dimension.

Space around the flightdeck
breathe on stars inhaled

as nebulae reflect
inside eleven eyes,
and humming deep inside
of vessel-warp reactors.

Our mission is to go
further further
than the boldly of beyond
you tickle me below.

Space Station (Falls Said to be the Largest in the Known World So Far) by Landon Mackenzie

Space Station (Falls Said to be the Largest in the Known World So Far) by Landon Mackenzie

A second star poem for dVerse poetics. This time it’s a Sci-Fi inspired writing because tomorrow it’s time for the new Star Wars movie.

December 15, 2015

22 responses to “Break the sixth dimension

  1. I like this poem. In metaphysics the 6th dimension is the dimension of the creative imagination. It’s interesting that you intuitively see it as broken – a telling commentary of the negativity that obsesses so many at present perhaps. 🙂

  2. To boldly go to that galaxy far far away in the dimension of our creativity. And the light ending did indeed make me smile, being tickled below. The brain is indeed the greatest of sex organs. Thank you for this poem from one who is from the “dark side”, smiles.

  3. I watched the launch into space, yesterday, of the British astronaut who is joining the ISS. I struck me how we have never lost our fascination with the ‘final frontier’.

  4. I do wonder if some day this kind of travel will be possible. I don’t think we can ever say NEVER. The ending really changed the plot line though. Smiles.

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