Playground lessons

Unbalanced heights,
playground lessons taught
when only one can rise her fist,
insist — that carried by the weight
of those beneath,

she’s fought
and wrought
from hands of others
left them naught

the winner took it all, cause
it’s better bEATing
than being bEATen.

playground getty

I might not have the best of memories playing with other children… Linked to Magpie tales

22 responses to “Playground lessons

  1. The paring of poem and picture is exquisite! Love the image of the one girl, hanging on and dangling above the ground. I think the poem is about her in particular 🙂

  2. it’s better bEATing
    than being bEATen.

    The rule of the game is to take part. But all the more sweeter to instill the idea also to win and win convincingly


  3. Love the touches of rhyme throughout, and I agree that a playground is a microcosm of human aggression. Children are little beasts.

  4. Liking this, Bjorn. Per the illustration, raising one hand would still allow a person to swing with the help of another. I’ve never seen a swing like this. Fun.
    When I first glanced I thought it was an old schooner at war.
    The poem would stand alone nicely without a picture. A life’s lesson then.
    BTW, I pulled my previous “Old dogs” poem and wrote a new one last night. The first one didn’t sit right.

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