Bear dance

slap the bass
[s]lip-slid[l]e tangoed
claws retract em-
s-s-s-lowly (lies)
s[p]layed as
hands retrace
        seams unzipped
lips on hips

brist[led] cheeks
search & find

The bear dance at the Moulin Rouge by Gino Severini

The bear dance at the Moulin Rouge by Gino Severini

Today it’s Open Link Night at dVerse with me as bartender. I will be at a concert when it opens at 3PM EST, but I will be around and read all the poetry. I did write a little out of my normal comfort zone today.

October 29, 2015

24 responses to “Bear dance

  1. I love this — especially how you worked in things like “goad her” and “be wrist-led cheeks.” Also “wrestled” perhaps. Plus, I see “rapped,” which means they’re doing the tango to rap music. Hee hee.

    This is my favorite:
    lips on hips”

    Plus, De will love that you got her name in there. 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed the wordplay here that goes so well with the playful painting. The way you used assonance was especially effective!

  3. That Tango is a sexy dance and so is your wordplay here, Bjorn. Really enjoyed this. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone now and then! :~)

  4. Ah Bjorn – you’ve gone free and are dancing I see – red, black, tango, and passion. It has always flamed in your beating phrases and your burning words. What a joy to read you again!

  5. That must be really tough to do…break up the words and still weave them all in. The last for light (delight) really lifts the whole poem. Lovely.

  6. Bjorn, I really like this. The word play and the creative punctuation and breaks give it a sensual rhythm. My favorite lines are: Slap the bass, seams unzipped, search and find.

  7. You’ve captured the erratic rhythm of the tango and its erotic moves. The typewriter characters give the poem the touch of the lower class cafes where the dance was born. Also, it’s interesting to read your poem while editing the words as indicated.

  8. Awesome wordsmithing and rhythm in this … which creates a palpable syncopation. Together with the painting – to say nothing on the video: this post is a delectable treat!

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