Listening to somniloquy

Whispered voices
        tethered breath.

Goddess blessed 
she’s pillowed
   softly screaming.

Darkly passing
clouds across the moon,
          as I wait for dawn
and her.

Linked to Magpie Tales

October 25, 2015

44 responses to “Listening to somniloquy

  1. Such an excellent capture of the mood of the photo. The style makes for a wonderful reading experience.

  2. Very real today, Bjorn. We have a full moon, very large, harvest like tonight. I can just see here coming in. Horse and all?

  3. Sleep as they say is a powerless swoon–we all go our separate paths, no matter how close we lie together. And there’s no rescuing each other unless we shake the other awake. Nice use of a private dream’s address — somniloquy.

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