Beneath the gray tree

Bared, its branches dance October skeletal
to chthonic music, crush of leaves beneath,
an oak, its limbs a somber filigree

and rooks above in plumage clerical.
With wreath in hand I bow for fall, believe
I hear the voice of summer’s symmetry.

Afterwards, you’ve lit a fire, glass of wine
with ruby sheen its blood is memories
of warmth inside, a glow affects my mind
from brush of lips, your summer sensory.

The Gray tree by Piet Mondrian

The Gray tree by Piet Mondrian

This is my second entry for Kerry’s prompt of ten line poetry at toads. I experimented to write this as a sonnetina…

13 responses to “Beneath the gray tree

  1. I am a slow learner! This is the first time I’ve found your comment section.

    Rose colored glasses can be dangerous. I agree. Thanks for visiting.

  2. It is a wonderful thing to read a poem with as subtle rhymes as these, Bjorn. I love the word chthonic – I remember when I first read it, I couldn’t believe such a word could exist – it falls like a lead weight to the bottom of a well.

    I so enjoyed this piece.

  3. Something very classical about this piece. I hear a old stringed instrument strummed periodically throughout its recitation. Sonnetina – interesting – and quite lovely.

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