Blues dividing blue

Grim illumination:
pulsating glow —
Despair of eyes
it’s ash and ember
with his toothless grin:
a beggar panders cash.

He bends and bows,
on bare knees wander
clenched —
his broken pair of hands,
are skyward stretched,
in thrift for naught
his silent prayers,
to muted wallets
wonders why and ponders greed.

His need is cleaving hearts;
blues dividing blue:
a nation’s rift.

Untitled (Blue Divided by Blue) by Mark Rothko

Untitled (Blue Divided by Blue) by Mark Rothko

Michael (grapeling) has suggested listed pairs of words at toads and I have tried to use quite a few of them in this poem.

October 9, 2015

19 responses to “Blues dividing blue

  1. The paradox is that blue is blue, how could it be divided? How can we who are all human be so divided? An interesting foray into the nature of divides.

  2. It is always interesting for me to see where a list of words might take a piece of writing. Each word you used seems perfectly placed and really enhance the overall mood.

  3. Complex as the painting you chose which appears so simple–our divisions so often fracture and fall along the lines of greed and lack–you’ve woven your pairs of words in here with great skill, Bjorn.

  4. My film club is studying Rothko & the play RED, so this piece really resonates with me. You were brave & imaginative enough to separate the pairings, thus bringing less focus to their relationship. Rothko was genius, & you borrowed some of it with this effort. I like the lines /his pair of broken hands/are skyward stretched/.

  5. You may have tied me in the number of Michael’s words used; excellent launching pad for your own verbiage.

  6. …powerful. The first time I went to NYC I was really bothered by the poor and people begging. This last time I “bought” a tiny postcard from someone in Central Park ($10). I nice gentleman, trying to be dignified – I have it on my desk. But I must say, I’m overwhelmed by the numbers – and one does start to learn to put “blinders” on. But for the poor and begging people – they don’t have that luxury. Your poem makes me feel guilty again – so … well done.

  7. i too love the rothko – have seen some originals by him and they’re really cool – i do also like how you connect the divide of the painting with the divide between the guy and society – like invisible borders

  8. his broken pair of hands,
    are skyward stretched,

    The homeless and the deprived had to put aside niceties just to survive. More often than not their sacrifices were fully tested


  9. Using your ‘blue’ code it feels like you peek under visible human layers, prove the same identity of physics and absurdity of division…however sadly, – existing….

  10. Bjorn, you’ve carved his visage clearly. Thank you for adding your voice (my own has been silent, of late – please accept my apologies for being so late to visit) ~ M

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