Tamer’s songs

With submissive talons, shaded eyes
through leather gloves I feel his veins
upon his wrist I dream of skies,
my heart beats strong from sparrow’s pain.
On thermal columns, once my wings
untouched, before possessive thoughts.
The tamer’s voice: he called, he sang
I brought my blood, the prey I caught
I wheeled and hovered, as my feather turned
caught between what’s tame and wild
I lost for sweetness of a leather burn
of thongs and hood, a raptor failed.
O, mocking clouds, I’m no longer free
caress of captors gloves is what I feel.

The Knight with a falcon by Rembrandt

The Knight with a falcon by Rembrandt

Grace inspire us with the poetry of Thom Gunn at toads today, and I chose to get inspired by Tamer And Hawk. I have used some phrases here and there, but I guess it turned into some kind of tilted sonnet. I’m also linking up to Poetry pantry

September 12, 2015

34 responses to “Tamer’s songs

  1. Gee, just realized I clicked Like from Tournesol too!! Okay, so I enjoyed this read very much. Every time I read your poetry and Paul F. Lenzi’s poems, I feel like I am reading from the classics…such a gift you have!!

  2. To be tamed by those leather gloves is to lose the wildness of the skies ~ You captured the rhythm of Thom Gunn’s verses ~

    A lovely sonnet Bjorn ~ Thanks for participating in my Featured Poet challenges ~ Have a good weekend ~

  3. Whew, the caress of captors’ gloves…..not sure that I would consider the gloves of captors as caressing, but I suppose in some circumstances it could be.

  4. I brought my blood, the prey I caught
    I wheeled and hovered, as my feather turned
    caught between what’s tame and wild

    A sparrow fell prey to the predator and the likes of nature’s drama are repeated. Smoothly taken Bjorn!


  5. I am a great fan of the steady pace of a sonnet, how it encapsulates thoughts so well. I like POV here of the bird of prey, itself captive of another.

  6. You really took us into this painting..your words as textured as the brush strokes..it is a pity that some things need to be tamed…let’s hope imagination can always run free

  7. This piece makes me think of the complex feelings that emanate out of the heart of an abused person. The “submissive talons” tell us exactly how the speaker behaves–wildness tamed (stolen); the use of the word “caress” to describe the touch of the tamer points to the sacrifice the speaker has made in order to survive… Such a sad piece.

  8. Beautifully done – too often the form of tge sonnet overtakes the piem for me ..but not here – images so vivid that this “tilted sonnet ” of yours sings

  9. A super interesting point of view, Bjorn. So hard to know what those birds feel–surely, there must be a kind of loyalty too–the exchange of veins for sky I found especially compelling. k.

  10. Gosh, I was looking at the original of that painting not so long ago, on a visit to Melbourne where it was in a visiting exhibition! I like the way you have imagined yourself into the bird’s situation.

  11. Oh how I love this! Breathtaking, getting inside the raptor’s mind as he realizes he is caught between tame and wild, captive to the captor’s glove. Bjorn, you would love the book H is for Hawk – It is a fascinating, riveting true account of a woman training her goshawk.

  12. A beautiful sonnet – filled with wonderful lines that strike notes of classical antiquity, in the Western poetic tradition, and infuse the piece with a grand lyrical import. You’ve articulated a theme here that, I think, conjures forth a number of parallels in history and literature and, once again, created an outstanding poem.

  13. This is a powerful, scary poem. It almost makes me think of worshiping Satan! The opening, I think, is my favorite. But it’s all excellent.

  14. What impresses me most about this is how true you are to POV–the physical presence of what it is to be a hawk, captured, and the metaphor of lover and loved Gunn used it as remains very strong here. Also, the sonnet form comes so naturally to your pen that it makes a very understated but supremely effective framework for the thoughts.

  15. On some level we all want a bit of discipline, of knowing where the line it. It keeps us feeling safe. I wonder is it bad to long for the leather thongs and hood. Ha.

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