A lethal dose of tender bricks

With mar(bled) masks and muted eyes
from matrassed walls, the poet calls
his voice is nails, his gaze is stone;
alone in ash with ink he wails.

But our sycophantic ears are closed
for keyhole stories, darkly told,
for whispered truths and painted tears.
We hand him drumbeat lullabies.
We hand him silent songs and pillow-guns.

He slowly slips and snares,
the noose at hand: a tightened vise
its jaws are wail of walls,
a lethal dose of tender bricks.

Kiss of death  found in Poblenou Cemetery in Barcelona.

Kiss of death found in Poblenou Cemetery in Barcelona.

Eighty words exactly for Mama Zen’s prompt at toads. Seems to work with the Blood of a poet inspiration.

September 9, 2015

27 responses to “A lethal dose of tender bricks

  1. Wonderful write! Tender bricks….oh that is excellent. I took like doing things with limits like this, to keep to the limit. I know many people have the concept that limiting limits the creativity but to me, like you, it seems to sharpen my creativity, to open up gates of thought I had not reckoned with.

  2. Blood of the Polet, indeed. Damn, brother, you stay so active on several sites, it puts most of us too shame. I really liked this piece; made me proud to be a poet. I like the lines /his voice is nails, his gaze is stone/alone in ash with ink he wails/.

  3. I love the title, and the poem that fleshes(or bricks) it out is nothing if not surreal as it catalogs the perils of succumbing to creativity–and the joys which sometimes are forgotten when the words fall on your head. And how society nerfs us, our voices ‘mattressed’ and our brains lullabyed. A pleasure to read Bjorn.

  4. Listening to the poet’s word and works is his desire. People are missing his intent by going outside his box. Nice write, Bjorn. Nice allegory too.

  5. This is a stunning piece, Bjorn. A real dark blow to the cerebral cortex. And the accompanying picture is perfect.

  6. GREAT title and last line …visually rich… with the poet almost dying from what is expected of him. BUT, survive, poet, and set us on fire.

  7. Wonderfully musical, Bjorn, and visual too–kind of fun even as it is lethal–the mattressed walls and the tender bricks at the end–not so tender for some poor heads–good thing he is statuesque! Anyway, much enjoyed. k.

  8. the tender bricks.. ha… well played on contradictions here like you tend to do a lot… that sculpture is amazing and you managed to capture the mood with your verse

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