How to see the light

‘I crave the darkness to appreciate the light’, Sheila ran the razor gently across her skin. The scars would remind her of the nights when her father couldn’t let her sleep, a badge of honor for the darkness he had dragged her through.

A persistent fly bounced against the grimy window of her room, a drumbeat waking her to action.

Her eyes, shadowed with the nights and kohl, read the story of her past once more, but she would leave for light and he would stay. Give it a day or two and the room would be filled with blow-flies.

This image is one that works so well for me as a metaphor, actually I used a very similar one when I wrote my poetic manifesto. The first line is actually inspired from my own poem.

Friday Fictioneers is a creative group of writers that write 100 words to the same picture every week, under the supervision of the gifted Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

July 8, 2015

54 responses to “How to see the light

  1. Sometimes, that going into an even deeper darkness is the only way to see the light. This makes me think of Van Helsing in Dracula saying, that sometimes, we must go through the bitter waters to get to the sweet. Excellent write – so much in 100 words.

  2. This powerful narrative leaves the reader wanting more of the story to unfold.

  3. Sad end. Hope no one has to go through this.
    You have done justice to the grim situation that’s a sad reality for many…

  4. Cutting is rough business. I have worked with kids that cut. The pain is their release of the feelings pent up inside – that they dont know how to release. Mix in parental abuse – its messy business man. I don’t know if they crave the darkness, especially if that is when the abuse happens.

  5. So sad…I keep hearing of more and more girls cutting themselves to just feel… this just breaks my heart.

  6. This is spectacular. Loved this “A persistent fly bounced against the grimy window of her room, a drumbeat waking her to action.” – creepy, dirty feeling to the whole piece.
    Great stuff.

  7. Dark and light (that she is determined to go towards light) at the same time.
    “Her eyes, shadowed with the nights..” is a beautiful metaphorical image. Loved it.

  8. Wait — I thought she was going to kill him. Now, re-reading it, I realized she was going to do herself in. Am I wrong?
    Either way, it’s too terrible a tragedy, because, if she lives, she will be haunted, and if she dies, it’ll be just awful, for she won’t have a chance at happiness.

  9. What a horrific image of the room filled with blow-flies! I’m sure he deserves it. How clever you used a line from your poem for your story. Excellent as always, Bjorn. P.S. Sorry, I couldn’t comment earlier. 🙂

  10. This gives me goosebumps. It’s horribly beautiful, the way you wrote it. I, too, read that she killed him and now can move on (wherever to).

  11. The pain, the buzzing of flies, the sordidness of her life – wonderfully depicted. Powerful writing.

  12. Very sad story. As an abuse survivor, suicide always remains an option until therapy is completed. Good job depicting the scene. 🙂

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