Imagined imperfections
the cellulite are shadows
even on the best of skins.

Heavy breasts are sagging, hanging
or maybe way too small
or not enough.
Imagine it was perfect.

“The sky has clouds
and water is too cold”
she smiles — forgets
the gap between her teeth.
“let’s take a walk”.

Barefoot hand in hand
we leave the judgments
of the dressing-room behind.
A perfect summer day.

Bathers, 1950 by George Tooker

Bathers, 1950 by George Tooker

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July 7, 2015

40 responses to “Judgements

  1. oh yes; to be comfortable in our skins. and enjoy, indeed indeed, we just have to do that sometimes
    have a nice Tuesday Bjorn

    much love…

  2. As a woman, I loved this. Loved how you handled every single criticism we have about ourselves and left it in that dressing room as we ventured out into the sun. This was powerful.

  3. hey – i have a gap between my teeth as well – ha… isn’t it weird how much we care about a perfect appearance and how wonderful carefree life feels when we have the courage to just accept our imperfections or just to decide that we’re beautiful – each in their very own way

  4. Dressing room antics, a damning experience. It tests the feeling of helplessness before a relationship saves the day. Great lines Bjorn!


  5. As I recall, those were perfect days. Ah, youth. Wasted on the young. Remembering is bittersweet. Lovely poetry.

  6. “Imagine it was perfect”…that line served as a wonderful pivot between the negative judgments, and contentment in spite of imperfections.

  7. Comparisons and self-judgements are the worst (high school shower rooms weren’t fun either) but this “judgmental” poem had a perfect ending 🙂

  8. Nicely done, Bjorn. My favorite part is where she smiles and forgets about the gap between her teeth. The whole thing is lovely.

  9. “Judge not, lest ye be judged” is my motto with this kind of thing. And, ha, the standards of perfection change, don’t they? At one time the ‘Rubenesque’ body was considered beautiful. Now – not so much.

  10. Unfortunately, “cauliflowers” is a word that describes this all too well. It makes the visual more real than wanted. 🙂 I like it.

  11. Awesome, like my scolding inner voice who certainly knows better but is present anyway. I have to go buy a new swimsuit, can you get that voice to just shut up for a bit? Geez.

  12. Cellulite and I are old friends, best to leave judgement behind and take hands in friendship or love not based on appearances alone.

  13. Our day can become so colored by what we bring to it. We can be consumed with our own appearance – and really that is how we are viewed by others – that we can not be ourselves. When we can be ourselves, and forget all that, what freedom we are in to experience life to its fullest.

  14. I enjoyed how you rendered the gossipy atmosphere and the liberation from it at the end. Let’s indeed enjoy perfect summer days!

  15. As I get older and so many of the beautiful girls I grew up with, begin to pass away, the absurdity of having squandered time obsessing over imperfections (imagined or otherwise) is repugnant to the spirit. And yet, I still run into women my age hung up on all that negative “fluff”. You would think that, as beauty fades, eventually, they would begin to contemplate more thoughtful, transcendent issues. But that’s not always the case. Some people, I think, are just so flawed by their egocentric perception of themselves, they are not able to be truly introspective … E-VER. It seems to me they don’t age well: miserable women. Sad, really.

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