The yellow in the blue
the knot inside
the fight and nots.
it’s never not forget-me-knots.

Let’s slip on fingertips
what dwells in letters
spelled on vellum
petals loves-me-not.

Nectared, drowsy-humming
sleepy numbed and dumb.
but still a drone, a bumblebee
I see my yellow in the blues.

I’m crazy-maced amazed.
and see you still
in my forget-me-nots.



Today we have a guest-blogger at dVerse.. come and see who of our poets that got the opportunity. The prompt is about looking closer and feel what nature might give you. Right now our garden is filled with forget-me-nots.. but sitting there I got more inspired by the name. So I hope it fits the prompt. Come tonight at 3PM EST and join us with your adventures with what’s small in nature.

33 responses to “Forget-me-knots

  1. Ha. Fun piece bjorn. Particularly like the play with words in the first stanza and you carry it off well the rest of the way too.

  2. I love this:
    “it’s never not forget-me-knots.
    Let’s slip on fingertips
    what dwells in letters
    spelled on vellum

  3. Goodness, I love the details, smiles ~ I specially admire the colors and knots in the opening stanza ~ I am a bit rusty in writing, smiles ~

  4. Wordsmith gardener poet, this one smacks of fun, of derring-do, & it is hard to read it without a smile breaking out, as I imagined the smile you sported when writing it. I like the line /nectared, drowsy-humming/–which is me for several hours each morning.

  5. A tongue twister indeed – and forget-me-nots are my favourite shade of blue, a flower much loved by me therefore. Isn’t it a bit early for them though? I’m surprised you have them up north, when we don’t have them out here yet.

  6. Forget-me-nots are my favorite color of sky. The rhythm and wordplay of this is irresistible. I have an ancient set of Sevres china with a delicate forget-me-not pattern. I sometimes use in the dead of winter to make spring come to life on my table…..wonderful poem.

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