Izzy wants us to dance and write what we come up with at toads.

I danced a little to Whip It that was a favorite of mine a long long time ago… and alas this is what I came up with.

(s)lashed and rib-
adamned I am
Tempted by events
and laid too late

your apple-(s)-Naked

I fall to mama’s back
– again

May 29, 2015

32 responses to “adamned

  1. I love the manic kinetics of this — how I remember dancing to “Whip It” decades ago, real white guy music, we could really spaz out and no one would notice.

  2. You just BLEW my mind open. You know I adore this poem (especially the visual). And you know that I get it all. I could have written this myself, of course. I’m way impressed. 🙂

  3. I love the graphic representation of your words! Very cool devices employed here.

  4. I see its attraction and rather despise the song despite it having a woman holding a gun at one point, though even that solution drives me crazy. So, yes, in this context, your poem is marvelous–about a never-grown-up who a lady creams and then sends home to Mama.

  5. Nice play with words in this. There is something almost primal to this, especially that last line. The return to mama’s back.

  6. Loved the graphic representation of the poem, but also adored the word play here. I like how this piece presents me the option of naked cream or apple’s scream. Devo is such a wonderful band and I can see how the energy of Whip it would be ideal for a dance party of one!

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