The fabric of the veil

Where night is just a veil,
stretched between an endless dusk
and the break of dawn
I rest with fabric stretched across the sky
and drink the arctic air, the smells
the songs of mountain streams
the softness of the alpine heath.

Awake before the drumbeat starts
the rain that soak our tent is gentle first
but soon torrential timpanies.

I think of streams becoming rivers
of muddy paths and change of plans
or maybe later
before I fall asleep again.

FullSizeRender (5)

Today we do old prompts at toads. I have chosen Fireblossom’s location location location.. and right now I dream of sleeping in a tent in the arctic north.
May 23, 2015

36 responses to “The fabric of the veil

  1. This was absolutely lovely 😀 Such a wonderful depiction of the arctic north! 😀

    I rest with fabric stretched across the sky
    an drink the arctic air, the smells
    the songs of mountain stream
    the softness of the alpine heath.

    This sounds so dreamy! Loved this magical piece 😀

  2. You may think this strange but I have imagined myself living above the arctic circle – for the peaceful emptiness, the stark contrasts (if not the cold rain). This poem and picture brought me a little closer.

  3. Ha, I have already been tent camping in a rain storm. This is no longer my ‘cup of tea.’ Give me a REAL roof over my head during a rain. I like the reflectiveness here…the streams turning into rivers & the paths changing. Really speaks to the reality of life!

  4. The songs of the mountain stream – I do enjoy a song and awakening before the drumbeat starts – experiencing the storms can bring new perspective in the journey.

  5. Bjorn,
    Great reminders for me, of camping in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland, or the wild Atlantic coastline of Connemara, western Ireland…The wind howling during the night as the tent was ruffled by the winds…Many years ago!!

  6. i’ve always dreamed of such a situation…from the mountains of Pago Pago, there were times when I would sleep in a shack outside our home there and listen to the pitter-patter of the raindrops on its roof. I remember how fresh the air was and how calm the experience was too. that I can equate to your poem here. thanks for the amusement.

  7. ‘change of plans’ sometimes a good thing, even if unexpected change…
    nice relaxing poem, just for the rainy weather we have here, in mn….

  8. “The best laid plans of men and mice …” Here in Texas this week it is flooding rivers and breaking dams. Messy.

  9. I don’t hanker to go anywhere cold — but you do make it sound like a beautiful experience.

  10. I like this Bjorn. The aloneness of the night, the rain, the thoughts of tomorrow. I felt cozy but with some excitement at being there with your words.

  11. you make me long for that arctic mountain air.

    so many lovely visuals here, one of my favorite being the fabric stretch of the sky.

    mesmerizing write!

  12. Love the ending of this – so like the way, I compose – and then ruminate on whether to stop or rejig, a bit. Stopping works! In this piece – eloquently!

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