Mending My burns

Blue Cat by Aldemir Martins

Blue Cat by Aldemir Martins

Oh my baby, no never please never return
when you left, I was lost, but I’ve found me again
now I walk on these streets and I’m cold from the burns
your deceit left inside when you left me in pain.

Oh my baby, no never please never return
stay away from my streets, Still a cat for my hat
I have pride, I can cope and your lessons I’ve learned
Cause you left me this blues, I’m alone, I can scat.

Oh no baby, no never please never return
I can walk, I can dance and I’m mending my burns.

Marion has a combines prompt of dr Seuss and Taj Mahal at toads, and I thought I combine them by writing a blues song in anapestic tetrameter (I hope). I wonder if this is what it would have looked like if dr Seuss ever wrote a blues song. 🙂

26 responses to “Mending My burns

  1. This is brilliant (!!!) and it’s like your picked thoughts right from my heart and spilled them here.

    I loved this.

  2. looks like you managed to fit in your dverse prompt in this “cold from these burns”. I think that Dr.Seuss would be proud of you for this…and the blues theme is timely as B.B.King passed away just yesterday.

  3. I think this is how Dr. Seuss would sound if BB King wrote it….great feeling in this. I’ve read it twice and now on the third time, I think I have the tune so I can sing it.

  4. Nice thoughts here, Bjorn. How did it sing?
    “Oh no baby, no never please never return.”
    That sentiment probably runs both ways.
    I was happy when my ex moved hundreds of miles away, to West Texas. But not nearly as happy as I was when she married a fellow she could stay with. (Oops, that’s my poem, a part of it.)

    • Marty Robin’s “Devil Woman”
      Oh, devil woman, devil woman, let go of me
      Devil woman, let me be
      And leave me alone
      I want to go home

      Read more: Marty Robbins – Devil Woman Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  5. Hi Bjorn. I’m playing at the amateur sleuth here from the almost bottom end of Africa; but with the imagination in a town called Soddenham, Norfold, England. They have a real, modern day mystery going on and you may be able to help: kindly look at the following link and if you’re able to help, Please Do! Only now back on the ‘net after a month of no internet connection. Re the poem, thinking of doing a cat book myself and this is sheer inspiration. Sorry, can’t chat, got to see what’s next in Soddenham.

  6. Nicely done! It is much better to live the cards one is dealt after a ‘hurt” than to await the reclaiming of a life that was probably never there!

  7. Yeah, terrific! That painting, wow. Your poem DOES read just like that… I wonder if Dr. Seuss ever did write songs? I must find out.

  8. You kiss your mom with that…anapestic tetrameter…Holy crap. Mixing the two subjects of the theme and putting it into meter…you have balls my friend and you know what? It turned out sooooo good.

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