False pretenses

When false pretenses fades,
and trickery has trickled as morphine in my drip.
diluted in my blood —
my veins subconsciously submissive;
Invading mud, a landslide shades my retina
my tongue’s gone numb — but still
I plead forgiveness fore I leave
For the pitted skin, the scars of strip-mines
and the tarmac band-aids that I left on Mother Earth.
I failed to heal myself and her.

Gasworks by Vincent can Gogh

Gasworks by Vincent can Gogh

My last poem in April, also making it a total of 30 poems. I started late but finally caught up at. This is done for Izy’s prompt on toads: “A few minutes from now, you will lose all means of communication with humanity. You will not die, but will no longer be able to interact with the world. Whats the last thing you say?”

Happy Spring to everyone.

April 30, 2015

26 responses to “False pretenses

  1. love the idea of trickery as a “morphine drip”
    Wow, every time I come here and read I’m transported.

  2. I hope this never happens to you, as we need more good poets. Tack så hemskt mycket för alla dina fina dikter den här månaden och för att du tagit dig tid att komma över och läsa mina också. Jag hoppas du har en underbar Valborg och härlig 1:a maj helg! *kram*

  3. Sweet! I know how hard it is to stay for another word once under sedation–and I expect it’s even harder for a final goodbye.

  4. When read out loud, this piece stuns and hisses. I love the syllabic movement, and your word choice is spot on. The mood strikes me as a healthy balance of self loathing and finger pointing. Happy silent spring indeed. Thanks for posting Bjorn!

  5. False pretenses: a fitting summation before all contact is lost with humanity. Tightly drawn. A stark, intense and loaded narrative that culminates in self-condemnation … as desolation falls.

  6. Ah, but sharing your words (final or otherwise) has helped the world. It is a connection in the night, in the netherworld of the ‘Net, between people and life, plus language, always matter. Oh, and a big congratulations on 30 poems in 30 days–and with a late start, too. Impressive, Björn!

  7. It’s wonderful and heart-filling that your last poem is dedicated to the Great Mother; just like it’s awesome that your speaker will have her last in his thoughts. ♥

  8. What a bitter brew you have served here – quite an apt summary for the hardships experienced around the globe this month. I see you and I both sought a van Gogh sketch for our posts.


    Congratulations on the wealth of creative writing you posted this month. It was a pleasure to read.

  9. Wow! This one haunts, as it should. I have to read it again! A tribute to all your great blooms this month~ Bravo

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