The smell of gambas al Ajillo

The smell of tapas on la Rambla
takes me back a thousand weeks
I feel your skin as dewdrops on my glass
Your hair as raven wings
Your hand had settled as a cat in mine
that’s when I sunk
into the wells, the suffocating waves
of water in your eyes.
And as parting plea I said:

“Whisper love in Catalan
before my train is leaving – say:
T’estimo, t’estimo molt,
With sea our witness
Please whisper love in Catalan”

And still in Gambas al ajillo
a smell
of you; as silent as before.

You never whispered love in Catalan.

I have to do all the poems I can to be able to reach 30 during this month, so therefore I present this melancholia as a poem. Hope it works for you. I love Barcelona, but I have never had any affairs there, but I have enjoyed the gambas on la Rambla.

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April 29, 2015

41 responses to “The smell of gambas al Ajillo

  1. The nostalgic melancholy comes through well.
    I’m trying to imagine the ‘…..feel your skin as dewdrops on my glass’ line and getting images of translucense in my mind…

  2. Your poetry is phenomenal. How easily does it come to you? Curious, as many poets spend hours, if not days, searching for one right word.

  3. How very beautiful. This is like a song of everyone who’s fallen in love when in a foreign land, the whole affair made even more magical by all the exotic surroundings. Wonderful!

  4. Sultry and sensual – the scent of Gambas al ajillo on the air awakening the “never was” – a kind of sadness that the passion of that moment in time did not culminate. A fragile, tender, sweet heart ache. Sigh.

  5. Bjorn, the entire first stanza is an explosion of sensuality. You are in fine form, my friend. What a beautiful conclusion to National Poetry Month!

  6. The nostalgic nature of this poem really appeals. Beautiful descriptions – I love the line ‘I feel your skin as dewdrops on my glass’. Really well done. 🙂

  7. Very evocative lines. This is such a wonderful way of describing tears
    “the suffocating waves
    of water in your eyes”
    Loved it.

  8. This poem really captures that emptiness and longing, of a love that is unrequited. Beautifully written, Björn! Poetry eludes me; I’m always impressed with the words you spin into complete works.

  9. Björn you always make poetry look so easy and I know it isn’t. This is just so romantic, so beautifully written. I am in awe.

  10. A sensual memory beautifully written. Other languages have so many different ways to say I love you…
    Did you make the 30 poems? I’ll try to go back and read some later today.

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