My beating heart

The way the wine
you offer me
can touch my heart,

is that your gaze,
your feline smile
a spell,
or just a spill
of foxglove in my wine?

"Digitalis". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

“Digitalis”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

Magaly wants us to write short about flower names that got animals in it at toads. Foxglove is poisonous and affect the heart, so I hope this little piece would work.

April 29, 2015

22 responses to “My beating heart

  1. I love “is that a spell,/or just a spill” –perfect. The first plant I thought of for this was foxglove–and it is a (sometimes deadly) medicine for the heart indeed–this loses nothing in brevity, but leaves a taste of wine and warning on the tongue.

  2. I have tried to grow foxgloves in my garden but always failed. They are so European – I love everything about them. I like the way you made a play on the digitalis and the hearts.

  3. Oh it works. Lethal and detail. Short and snappy that runs deep. I love that you say so much in so few words, and leave us with eyes and mouth open… wondering, What happens after that?

  4. I used to grow foxglove until I woke one morning and found a dead doe in the yard from having ingested it. 😦 But a clever take on it – a plant that if distilled and administered correctly can be healing and yet…it can also make the heart go…boom! Spill/spell – will the wine make your heart pound with joy? Short and wonderful.

  5. I like this, Bjorn. Are foxgloves edible?
    Tonight is “getting ready for party night.” So far we’ve talked of sipping mimosas, you have the wine Angie has chalk sticks and talks party. I’ve only had time to read seven tonight.

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