A sudden slip

A sudden slip
he’s sliding deep
in pink to sink
from payroll
to another role:

streets and benches
paper-bags and stench
refused, unused
defiled with lies.


I could not link up another sonnet to Grace’s subject at toads. For some reason I got to think about being given the pink slip, and wrote this very short piece. Have a wonderful Saturday.
April 25, 2015

17 responses to “A sudden slip

  1. Life often has a sudden change of circumstances for us, doesn’t it.
    I liked the thought, Bjorn, and the brief way that you wrote it.
    Right now we have a lot of ‘pink slips’ in the Houston, Texas, area because of the impact of very low crude oil price. One company has laid off about 20,000 workers.

  2. Though I love your sonnets, I think this fast hitting and raw piece is a very nice change of pace. It is so easy to slip out of society when that pink slip suddenly and unexpectedly appears… Sad reflection of society, beautifully written (as always)!

  3. The first stanza sounds like it is sliding….intensifying the message. If only more people realized how easily a life can change with a simple pink slip….homelessness, often the end result.

  4. I never want to receive that pink slip but it can be devastating when it is unexpected ~ The turn in the end gives me dread ~

    Thanks for playing along and wishing you happy weekend ~

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