A pair of crows

Rekindled love again, as bluebells bloom
in breeze that gently stirred the canopies
composing symphonies: we were the spring:
the pink of cherry bloom, the entropy
of conversations missed, the years we lost
defusing minefields and to papercuts
of ice — but ember still would cover costs.
We made up plans — but suddenly rebut:
an envelope of test results; your doubts
“It could be nothing”, but your smile was pale
that night was lead and in my mouth the drought
of time that stopped and in our verdant dale
a pair of crows had settled to define
the darkness lurking deep among the pines.

Crows by Nicholas Roerich

Crows by Nicholas Roerich

This is my 12th installment for the sonnet corona. This is a project that I will probably never repeat, I’m struggling to conclude the narrative of the struggles, I am considering to give it a set of editing and then produce a book. It has been very interesting to match the steps to different prompts. I will link this to poetry pantry tomorrow.
Previous installments of this series are: Bluebells, The tear of tears, Before the monsters, When we had built a nest, Let’s mend the bridges, Your icicles, Our highway through the sky, The emptiness of brine, Of carnivores and feeble frills, Silver filigree and Your words: perfume

April 25, 20

42 responses to “A pair of crows

  1. Whew, a pair of crows can be so symbolic of what is not right (probably below the surface) in a relationship. Sometimes that darkness lurks just out of view.

  2. The black crows cast an ominous tone at the end of your sonnet just when the persona seemed to have managed to make up for lost time. Some very strong imagery in this poem. Congratulations on having written the whole series!

  3. With any bad news we always look for pointers, reasons, hope, help anything that would soften the blow or hide the truth. Yet in doing so we will also see the opposite such as dark clouds, thunder or even crows conspiring. Your great words continue.

  4. This poetry from seems tempting, will sure try it now!! The ending suddenly takes a twist and the spring turns into something dark, but absolutely wonderful.

  5. To aim for a target is such a wonderful thing. A great sonnet Bjorn. Something not many can do appropriately. Wishing you for your book shortly!


  6. Hey Bjorn, great job. This one has wonderful imagery– the entropy of conversations missed and paper cuts of ice particularly memorable I thought as the final image also. Thanks. K.

  7. i like the symbolism of the crows here. and omen. and i like you have the crows in pair. something not so good seems happening in a relationship..

  8. The pain in this poem squeezes the gut. But not just pain, but a kind of hurt that can only be caused by one so loved so deeply that lover and loved make no real sense as two. Those crows–birds I usually love–broke my heart. I hope they fly away…

  9. The way this poem moves from light to dark..those ominous black crows hovering..i wish and hope they will fly away and the bluebells bloom again

  10. what an amazing feat Björn! i couldn’t manage a single sonnet but you have written a stunning series! i’d not heard of a sonnet corona before. i look forward to the future installment(s).

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  12. that night was lead and in my mouth the drought
    of time that stopped…

    This so perfectly sums up the fear of loss. Another excellently constructed sonnet. I have enjoyed them all – such a treat in the month of April writing.

  13. Gosh Bjorn – very strong and true… I admire this a lot my friend and what it cost you too… With Best Wishes Scott

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  15. Life story you told here…it resonates with many…emotional discord always causes the physical disconnect…ah, these ‘missed conversations’ would really help…symbols of crows – stellar …meaningful! ~ I can forecast the success of your future book! Go for it!

  16. I have to admit, while I believe I expressed my personal dislike for composing sonnets, this trek of yours is a bit inspiring. I can only image the struggle you find yourself in as you approach the conclusion. Add to that the fact that you are working on fitting it to prompts. That said…

    just as there is hope on the horizon…I’m itching to know the contents of the envelope. I do enjoy reading each one independently, but I cannot wait to be able to read them one-by-one from start to finish.

  17. It is hard to pick a favorite line, they all are so beautifully penned. The series has turned out to be pretty stellar till now..All the best with your ending!

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  19. Bjorn,

    It was a pleasure to read this piece of writing. Very depthful and personal, in its sharing of past experiences. Harsh realities, then the moment of the darkness..I hope that there may be an uplifiting in time…

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